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The new emulation mode of the user activity called « SuperEmulation » has been implemented in ZennoPoster.
It allows you to bypass the detectors anti-bot based on the neural networks, such as the Bot Detector Akamai.
This mode can be enabled in the project settings :


Added :

  • Implementation of an emulation mode super human. It allows you to bypass the sensors of robots based on neural networks, e.g. Akamai Bot Detector.
  • Improvement of work with popups in the engine Chrome.
  • Improved integration with CapMonster.Cloud.
  • Improvements in the diagnostic utility to resolve the problems.

Fixed :

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the opening of the context menu when working with iframes in Chrome.
  • The automatic search for proxy has been corrected.
  • The mode « Follow the course » has been fixed.
  • The issue of displaying incorrect items on certain Web sites during a size change in Firefox has been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug with encoding invalid characters (&) in BotUI.
  • The bug of copy of static blocks of BotUI has been corrected.
  • The display of the execution log has been corrected in the scheduler.
  • Debug error thread debugging  » with the close following of ProjectMaker has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug escaping the character  » ?  » when adding a URL in the black list.
  • The problem of the analysis of JSON objects complicated has been corrected.
  • The operation of the method GetTraffic in the engine Chrome has been corrected.
  • The problem of downloading images in the engines of Chrome and instagram has been resolved (mouse emulation must be used).
  • Some corrections in the user interface.


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