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With Zennoposter 5.17 it has become easier and more convenient to create robots that simulate your actions on the web like real users!
The ”footprints » of the browser can now be managed in a very simple way from the “Browser » tab in the “Profile » static block.

Everything that was previously created using C# snippets, can now be configured in a few clicks!


  • You don’t need to waste your time looking for new user agents and footprints, this database is now automatically updated and kept up to date.
  • The settings for certain browsers are determined and generated automatically without any additional action on your part.
  • You can create thousands of unique profiles based on the footprints of real browsers without worrying about data leaks.
  • The generation of profiles is done automatically at the start of the project. You can always upload/save profiles at any stage of your project.


To configure automatic profile generation, you need to select the necessary parameters for profile emulation such as: Headers, Browser, Screen, Audio, Canvas /WebGL, Plugins, JS Features, ClientRect, WebRTC.
Next, you need to set the probability of generating the necessary useragents, adjusting the associated sliders, as well as their versions, which you can set manually or select “Up-to-date” which includes the last 3 major versions of browsers.

The operating system and platform are set in the same way.

Added Functions :

  • The browser profile generation function has been updated. Now the profile is generated based on real data.
  • The new ZennoPoster class.Http, for creating HTTP requests, such as PUT, DELETE, PATH, etc. has been added to the ZennoPoster API.
  • New EvaluateScript method for page document has been added. This allows JavaScript to be executed bypassing CORS.
  • BotUI: Custom elements can now be created in the page code.
  • BotUI: New option to import old InputSettings.
  • The new KeyCAPTCHA type is now supported.
  • Paths are now supported for uploading files via FTP(S).

Corrected functions :

  • ReCaptcha2 auto-submit now can be performed on website with complex structure of nested frames.
  • BotUI: Fixed a bug with mess-up variables.
  • The PM crash when the program is running with the detailed log enabled has been fixed.
  • The problem of minimizing the page dom window when opening it in PM has been solved.
  • Bug with bat files that do not work after updating the version of the program has been fixed (bat files must be recreated in the new version).
  • The problem with window.name has been resolved.
  • Bug specifying the wrong line in the error message when compiling its own code has been fixed.
  • Fixed resetting the execution account to the default value in the Task Manager.
  • The problems of incorrect detection of anti-viruses have been solved.
  • The problem of uploading images to cloud.google.com/vision and imgur.com has been resolved.

What can you do with Zennoposter:

  1. Automate all recurring tasks on the web
  2. Automate your net linking SEO and find spots
  3. Improve the ranking of your Amazon listings if you sell on Amazon
  4. Get tons of leads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter by automating all the tasks
  5. Acquire tons of targeted email addresses
  6. Generate content in bulk
  7. Facebook Facebook Shopify (Dropshipping, Shopify, Facebook)
  8. Generate an Ecommerce of several thousand products
  9. Recover expired domain names
  10. Feeding content to a network of sites
  11. Streamline the use of your tools for the web, you will only need Zennoposter
  12. Scrape on Google and collect tons of info
  13. Scrape all websites and spy on your competitors (Ecommerce)
  14. Automate the search for niches and products for sale, find your next best seller or « winning product”


If you are not familiar with Zennoposter and would like to train in this automation software I invite you to visit THIS SITE.