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You know very certainly, but it is good to remind ourselves often.

Theuser experience is crucial as well in SEO as conversion rate.

That is to say a site is bad, which puts it 10 seconds to load, me the first one, it breaks!

In short, so if you are like me, a lot of sites on WordPress or Review, you will need a cache plugin to improve the speed of your site.

Quite frankly this is a no brainer and it would be suicidal to launch a website without having thought to put in place a caching plugin.

Because WordPress is awesome but it is still an empty shell when one takes it to base.

Therefore, it is essential to incorporate plugins that will improve the performance and loading time of the pages.

I’m not going to do a overview of the plugins cache, I’m not going to bring you that one just because for months it is the best and easiest to use.

Hey yes I have wanted for a long time to make my big cheap and use WordPress plugins free but, quite frankly, for the management of the cache it is of the gas plants.

In addition, you have very high chances to blow up everything if you are doing anything… Css etc…

As a result one arrives at WP ROCKET that is my point of view the best cache plugin for WordPress and Review.

As soon as you get your license I can assure you that you’ll not only be amazed of the results, but especially the ease-of-use !


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