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Platform of micro services

Five euros.com is a platform for micro services.

In fact, you can go there to delegate tasks, as for example, writing an article or even SEO.

There are a countless number of micro-services available for sale.

It remains for you to do your market and use the services offered by the vendors taking care to check the positive reviews of these.

Do not rely specifically for the positive reviews, but rather to notice the negative and the ratios of the latter.

What utilities? Notice 5euros.com

Personally, I use a lot this platform to delegate the writing of articles.

In fact, for five euros you have a single article that will enable you to offer for example guest articles on other blogs that will make you a link.

This technique of SEO, and terrible because potentially your link Backlink only cost you five euros.

In fact, everyone is a winner because you can offer dozens of sponsored articles on blogs that will be glad to have fresh content.

On your side, your article has cost you only five euros and you can get backlinks for the same price, which is actually very inexpensive when you see what is in the tariffs of the exchanges of links.

So I invite you to a and make a turn on the platform for you to make your own idea of what we can do with all of the services offered.

Be aware, however, that if you want to earn money on this site, you can also offer your own pickups services for sale.

With each sale, five euros.com will take a small commission leaving you the biggest income.

Following are the services you can offer, such as, for example, accounts Facebook to five euros that you will first have to purchase or create, you can very quickly make you a lot of money thanks to sales Of micro services.

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