Sales Page Critique: And the Word Became Flesh

As a perk to the bloggers in my network, I offered a short sales page critique of their digital products such as this one for Kathy’s product And the Word Became Flesh. Watching them should help you identify principles you can apply to your own sales pages.

The main points of my screencast critique are outlined below the video.

Kathy’s landing page is really good, so I didn’t have a lot of suggested changes. Be sure to watch her intro video for her product. But here are the suggestions I did offer.

Suggestions for improving this sales page to increase conversions

1. Include a buy button above the fold or at least closer to the top.

2. Make sure the buy button(s) include all available formats of the book.

3. Add cover and front matter to your sample.

4. Add the link to your sales page in your intro video on YouTube. Possibly add a clickable link (via annotations) directly on your video.

5. Use code to remove related videos from showing at the end of yours on the landing page. Directions are here.

6. Add a few testimonials or quotes from readers.

Sales page critiques are just one thing I do in a site and social media assessment package.




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