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For me it is the best web host with O2switch.

If you’re on this page you surely know what a web hosting.

On the other hand I’ll still make a small reminder because often, there is confusion.

If you want to build a WordPress blog (and you should 😉 ) or an online shop with the plugin Review of WordPress, you will need a place to store all your files from your blog and so that it is accessible everywhere and at all hours.

Of course you could very well host your WordPress site on your computer, but that would be silly because you’d have to leave your computer on 24H/24H and most of all, your internet connection would certainly not be the shock (or your pc for that matter), so your site would be ultra slow… not to mention all the cyber attacks that you may suffer!

In short, you have understood the use of his computer and his internet connection, such as hosting a wordpress and an idea stupid, is the reason why you will need a web host!


This is done since more than 12 years that I have websites, mainly in WordPress but not that, I also had Drupal sites, Joomla etc… as Well as Shopify.

But my preference always goes to WordPress for its flexibility and the infinite number of things that can be done with (Blog, Ecommerce Review, showcase website etc.).

Suddenly during all these years I have had the opportunity of testing dozens of hosting providers such as OVH, Online.net, Hostgator, and I spend a lot.

I must admit, I became confused with a lot of them, and quite often, the support wasn’t terrible.

Furthermore, prices may often have to climb this is the reason why I am oriented towards a web hosting cheap as Planethoster.

There was a time when I had so much to host that this was becoming unmanageable both in terms of flexibility in terms of price.

So I decided to rationalize my accommodation WordPress and retain only two in order to lower my costs, but also the number of person at technical support.

Speaking of technical support is really not free in the wild with Planethoster, they are available 24H/24H to help you.

When I opened my account they made me have even called (I loved the little Quebecois accent 🙂 ) and proposed me to migrate my sites them and free of charge !

When we know the time it takes and the bad handling that you can do I have accepted directly!


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