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I have to admit it is thanks to O2switch that I use now for almost 10 years, the date of their creation, I have made a lot of progress.

Actually, when we connect the web projects and you are working on a lot of websites, it is ceaselessly confronted with diverse issues.

Of the sudden for me O2switch is much more than a web host is a partner, it is for this reason that I am their praise today in this article!

The PERMANENT availability of their technical support is just awsome and in addition they have an answer for everything!

Even when ca comes out a little framework of what they should do, they help you when even just opening a ticket.

I have hosted and I still hosts dozens of wordpress sites with O2switch.

A very good point about them is that they are not resting on their laurels until the tune falls.

The infrastructure that is behind regularly to the taste of the day with new servers and storage devices performance.

I remember when they are past the hard disks to SAS hard disks SDS for the Web hosting.

No extra cost, the performance of the accommodation is very much improved and the sites were even faster than before!

They could very well have put out a new offer SSD but no! They have decided to maintain their unique offering and benefit of all their clients better performance for the same price.

No kidding who does that? People who know what it is that the customer satisfaction and who cares! And ca is felt very widely.

I know I did a ton but it is my feeling honest relative to this host, and I think that if you decide to go with them, you will not be disappointed!


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