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In a previous article I gave you my opinion and a complete tutorial on 3commas. Today, I will try to give you my opinion on Kryll io, another very powerful and innovative trading bot!

We’ll say that it’s not quite the same philosophy as 3commas because Kryll has its own cryptocurrency KRL (available on Coinbase and Kucoin)

For me it is really complementary to 3commas because there are really interesting functions, which makes it an extremely complete crypto trading platform!

Concretely, Kryll will allow you to automate your trades 24H/24 and 7D/7! Kryll’s offer is divided into 3 main areas:

The marketplace (a bit like 3commas) where you will be able to rent strategies set up by the community in exchange for a few KLR per month (to rent you will have to buy their crypto the KLR)
Smart Trading again like 3commas where you can place your trades at your convenience, by putting your stop loss, take profit etc… Or copy the calls of a selected trader!
The strategy editor will allow you to create your own trading strategies and to test them for free!

Kryll’s marketplace!
What is certain is that the returns are quite amazing but above all they are based on a community of experts who provide you with very powerful strategies with high returns at your disposal!

I was really bluffed by what they propose and by the performances which, I must admit, are there!

But the best is yet to come with their strategy editor…

Kryll’s marketplace

Kryll’s strategy editor, an extremely powerful and intuitive tool without code!
No need to know how to code or have any development skills to create trading strategies with Kryll’s drag’n drop editor…

The very frankly hang on because it’s a blast! If you have trouble creating your own crypto trading bots with 3commas know that the Kryll editor is really more intuitive.

Their system of trigger blocks on the price, on candlestick patterns (like the wyckoff check for example), analysis of indicators like MACD or RSI but also ICHIMOKU, Bollinger and many others… make that the only limit will be your imagination to create your own trading strategies!

You will be able to set up your own research laboratory of performing setups. Create them, improve them, benchmark them and launch them in production…

Quite honestly, I was amazed by the ease and intuitiveness of the tool but especially the potential behind it! Personally, I follow the Crypto Throne school (which I highly recommend) where I learn a lot about how and when to trigger my trades. Well, thanks to his knowledge I am able to launch my own strategies and apply my setups with Kryll’s editor in a very simple way!

The time saving is HUGE!

Here is what this famous editor looks like:

Kryll’s strategy editor

Feel free to create all the strategies you have in mind and test them… Imagine the potential…

The platform works 24/7, no need to leave your computer on.

Tradingview is directly integrated to allow you to set up your technical analysis blocks.

To validate your strategies you can use the live backtesting to simulate in real time and validate your strategies.

These backtests are free, there is no subscription, you only pay when you launch in production…

The security is maximum because Kryll connects directly to your exchanges.

The application is fully responsive and therefore usable on smartphone and tablet!

Kryll’s Smart Trading for more reactivity!
Are you a crypto trader?

Place your crypto buy orders, your stop losses and your take profits in advance! You even have the possibility to share your trades with your community and receive commissions on your signals!

You prefer to be a follower and do copy trading?

Follow the signals of your favorite traders or your favorite groups, Kryll takes care of the rest and will replicate for you the movements of the trading groups you have chosen!

Kryll’s smart trading

Which Exchanges are compatible with Kryll?
With Kryll you will have access to the main exchanges in order to centralize your portfolios and to have a global vision to trade more easily. Here is the list of exchanges integrated in Kryll which is likely to evolve as they add new ones regularly!

Coinbase Pro
Binance US

Why do without Kryll?

I hope that this little overview has made you aware of the potential of Kryll and that frankly you have no reason to deprive yourself of it because the registration is totally free!

Moreover, you will have quickly paid off because the rental rates of the strategies are really very affordable! In fact, there is no subscription at Kryll, you only pay for the time you use!

For example, if you invest $1000 it will cost you $0.33 per day if you don’t have KLR (Kryll’s token). However, if you sell KLR, for example 5000KLR you will only pay 0.28$ per day, 20000KLR 0.21$ per day and so on until 200000KLR where it’s almost free since you will only pay 0.01$ per day of use!

So what are you waiting for to try it ? for info 0.33$ per day it’s only 9.9$ per month… Why do without it !

In addition, by clicking on the link below you can test for 2 weeks with a 30% discount!