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This is the big fashion of Instagram influencers on social media these days.

We see many dropshippers using these to bring traffic back to their Shopify and convert them into customers, improvising themselves as social media managers.

On the other hand, community management is not improvised and we also see a lot of failures and scams in this environment.

You may then want to manage on your own (become a strategist) to create influential social network accounts and especially on Instagram.

It is undeniable that the new professions of communication on social networks and a monetization strategy are essential to build customer or prospect loyalty.

On the other hand, it is almost impossible to manage this without an automation tool unless you recruit a lot of people to do these tasks. Thanks to Jarvee you will be able to program all your activities on professional or non-professional social networks. Plan your messages, your graphics, photo sharing in order to achieve the greatest virality and attract new customers.

Jarvee is the best marketing tool to increase your brand image on different social networks and become a traffic manager.

What is Jarvee for?

Jarvee is a software that runs exclusively under Windows for the moment and that allows you to automate everything on your social network accounts (a bit like the web hootsuite tool if you know it but with many more features).

It is therefore possible to create a real highly targeted community and reputation in automatic mode.

Indeed Jarvee will take care of follow, unfollow, find hashtag, interact, liker, comment etc etc. it is a really very very useful management tool full!

You will be able to target your potential customers in a fully automated way and without any risk. Whether you have Instagram accounts or a twitter account it works almost the same way.

Indeed, thanks to the multiple features, you can perfectly simulate a human being by using good practices. (this avoids banns)

Become a marketing expert and why not create your own marketing agency! An agency charges between 200 and 300€ per month to manage an account for a company… Imagine that with Jarvee you have the possibility to manage thousands of them!

Do you see the potential?



Jarvee Video Tutorial for those with a mac

In this video I explain how to set up a VPS (virtual private server) in order to run Jarvee 24 hours a day or simply use Jarvee on Mac (you can still use vmware).

This one has the advantage of being totally Free for 1 year, this service is provided by Amazon.

I also discuss how to use Jarvee’s basic configuration for an Instagram account. You will also see how to create scheduled tasks with management tools for social networks. I also show you the reporting part in the project management part where you can find all the stats of your facebook profile, linkedin profile or youtube and insta.


Social Media Automation

Everyone uses at least one social network. It’s for This is a significant source of traffic in Webmarketing.

If you want to create interaction with your followers, you must be extremely present and visible.

If you have an instagram account you can very quickly (in less than a month) get more than 20000 followers! (personal experience)

The problem is that it is a very time-consuming activity and there comes a time when, if you want to get bigger, you have to delegate certain tasks.

This is what Jarvee proposes to do by automating your digital marketing.

Generating relevant tons of leads is the objective to promote your website.

Communication strategy

You could very well buy Facebook fans, but to become popular and develop your digital strategy is useless.

Also avoid free tools, most of the time they lack optimization and will waste your time instead of saving time.

The goal is to be present and encourage people to follow you to grow your community in a natural and effective way. This is where a good marketing strategy lies.

Natural Referencing

In terms of SEO, traffic from social networks is a positive sign for Google.

This can help you gain notoriety, algorithms will recognize it and you will simply be much better placed on Google.

How to make money with Jarvee?

The return on investment is mainly about saving time on a large number of tasks:

  • Set up and promote a sales site (more traffic) in Dropshipping with Shopify
  • Sell your services freelancer on Fiverr
  • Resell your influential accounts with high potential
  • Launch affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Advertise
  • Make your brand known / monetize your visitors
  • Sell your services to small businesses to improve their credibility…
  • Find customers for your prestashop shops, blog etc….
  • Make your lists grow for email marketing
  • Launch your digital transformation agency in b2b
  • Increase your visitors in your blogging activity
  • Launch a web project and take advantage of traffic acquisition channels.
  • You can do without adword because you benefit from an inexhaustible source of traffic
  • Managing, operating a web agency
  • Collect leads for your emailing in your crm (aweber, mail marketing)
  • Master the web business with the new Growth hacking tools, without knowing how to code.

If you have a startup or e-commerce site this is a real opportunity to boost your sales.

Jarvee allows you to create a strong digital identity and loyalty of your audience on the different networks.

Communication professionals have understood that the current business model is based on two fundamental elements, the creation of traffic via social networks and advertising on the Internet, but also content management to optimize google search.

Using networks when you are a tpe is therefore not an option. We can see it very well through the different training courses, especially in the ecommerce field, no one can do without Jarvee anymore and rightly so!

Content creation and content marketing are two points that constitute a significant lever in a process traffic acquisition via the main social networks.

How much does Jarvee Cost?

You can try jarvee for free for a week to familiarize yourself with the software.

When you see how much a social networking expert will charge for an account (between 200 and 300€ per month) you can say that Jarvee is quite affordable. You can benefit from the free version for 7 days.

There are 3 options available to you:

  • Starter able to manage 10 accounts at $19.95 per month
  • Professional able to manage 70 accounts at $49.95 per month (the best choice in my personal opinion)
  • Premium at $69.95 per month for 150 social network accounts.

The good thing is that whatever you choose, you will have access to all the advanced features of the software as well as access to premium support.

When you try Jarvee you will quickly understand that it is your best ally for your growth strategy. Features such as content import via RSS feeds are really a plus to automatically distribute your new products or articles through your social accounts. In addition, Jarvee can automatically manage hashtag, post planning, geographic targeting and much more. If you would like to receive a white paper about Jarvee, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Ranking of the largest social networks

Digitisation, internet marketing, on all social networks is now the best marketing communication tactic!

According to the href= »https://www.mediametrie.fr/fr/la-place-croissante-des-reseaux-sociaux-dans-lacces-linformation »>médiamétrie access to information and consumption is also made via the following list of social networks:

Jarvee Facebook

Facebook social media in the first place. (source 31 October 2018) with more than 2.27 billion active users per month, it is a real opportunity to reach unique visitors every day and from all horizons!

You can also reach many people with Facebook messenger, which is exploding.

Nevertheless it is important to automate as much as possible the tasks with tools like Jarvee or Manychat (for messenger chatbots provided you have an excellent content strategy)

Jarvee YouTube

Then comes the YouTube network, in fact in July 2018 there were already more than 1.9 billion active users each month!

Indeed, youtube videos allow you to increase your online marketing tenfold, but not only!

With Jarvee, you can automate everything on YouTube.

Here is a short list of what you can do:

  • Auto Follow
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Auto Like
  • Comment on videos
  • Like the comments
  • Watch videos in your car
  • Integrate spin to vary your comments

Make yourself visible by automatically liking or commenting on other videos in a completely natural way and without any action on your part.

You can therefore quickly make your YouTube Channel grow with countless new followers!

Instant Messaging

In 3rd position we finds the WhatApp instant messaging application.

In the 4th in the category instant messaging we have Facebook messenger (if you don’t use chatbots I strongly advise you to get started!).

Then 5th Wechat (very used by Asians, if you make btob with an agent in China you must know what I’m talking about;) )


Comes in 6th (to June 2018) the great Instagram!

That’s more than a billion active users every month and that number is growing!

This is where you can enjoy all the power of Jarvee to get a lot of targeted traffic and this for free!

Jarvee and its new features make it possible to appropriate all the subtleties of Instagram and generate maximum interaction in order to be very quickly profitable.

Here is what you can automate:

  • Schedule your posts
  • Auto re-post
  • Auto Follow
  • Follow back
  • Unfollow
  • Auto Like
  • Auto comment (use with moderation and spin)
  • Delete posts
  • Contact people in private
  • Manage your messages
  • Search for the most efficient Hashtags
  • Block followers
  • Extracting user lists
  • Manage your comments or delete them
  • Liker of comments
  • Save posts

However, it is still important to remain focused on Insta from a more qualitative than a quantitative point of view.

Indeed, you will have to develop a strong relationship with your audience to have more interactivity.

With a good audience the conversion rates are just huge in ecommerce (dropshipping or amazon FBA) as well as in affiliation!


In 7th position we have Facebook Groups, or Facebook groups.

Here too, there are more than a billion active users every month!

Once again, Facebook groups are the successors to Facebook pages.

There is much more interaction and commitment because most of the time they deal with a specific topic where people can exchange.

Thus, it is now easier to convert people on a Facebook group than with a page (although the pages still have a bright future ahead of them)

As you can see, Jarvee allows you to fully automate the management of your groups, invite friends to join them, but you can also join groups and post automatically on them! Can you imagine the power?

Basically Facebook with messenger and Instagram occupies 3 places out of the 7 largest sources of traffic in the world!

And with Jarvee, you can automate everything securely within Facebook’s limits so you don’t get banned!

The Rest not to be neglected!

Twitter (18th), Pinterest (26th), Linkedin (25th) and Tumblr (33rd) can also be automated with Jarvee. Don’t neglect them!


Using social networks is therefore essential, you need automated communication tools to multiply the results on your website!

Media marketing is no longer just a complement to SEO.

It is an essential component of your digital communication, to have powerful marketing actions.

SEO tools such as semrush ( sem rush)majestic or ahref are essential for your SEO audit.

These seo tools will allow you to perform a real seo audit because it is essential to monitor the positioning of keywords or the sentence on which you need to be positioned.

The audit of your site will allow you to improve your netlinking but especially to know which backlinks you need to get to maximize your SEO.

Google tools such as Google search console and Google analytics are also essential to have metrics but also a visualization of incoming links from a Google point of view.

Tools to automate a workflow

If you are a fan of automation, you can also test ifttt and Zapier these are two really great tools to sequence everything and automate as many tasks as possible on a recurring basis.

you can very simply set up a monitoring tool but I will talk about it later in a case study;)

Bot Instagram: Alternative Jarvee, Opinion Instaboss

If you are not a fan of Jarvee and you find it too complicated to take a VPS to run your Instagram bot 24H/24H here is a very good alternative!




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