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I have literally tried all the ways ofindex my backlinks and web 2.0 s but today, after having tested it for a long time, I’ve found the best way by which your Backlink will be indexed to 99%.

The remaining 1% will be the following cases :

  • page followed by the tag no-index
  • Google has penalized the site
  • or the page has nothing to index just backlinks rotten (Not content)

The process takes place in two steps :

First step:

Step 1. Register to Medium.com
Step 2. Copy and spinez articles related to your backlinks, or you can also write them by yourself.
Step 3 : Click on the story and add a new story in medium.com then paste your article.
Note : The length of the article should be according to your links, if you have 8 connections then 800-1000 words article would be nice. I suggest you do not put more than 8 links in one article.
Step 4 : Paste your link, only one link per paragraph, with an anchor type Read, or see also, or click here bla bla bla
Step 5 : Now, go to your natural object by putting some words in bold and linking to other authority sites and adding an image.
Step 6 : Publish it and add some tags that are popular to make your indexing faster.

But the process does not stop there.

Now, the second step (simple and easy)

Step 1 : Go on google and type in site:https://medium.com(your keyword) and then choose a post
Step 2 : Go to the Comment section of the message and paste your links (I speak of the same links as the one you pasted in step 1). They will not remove your link, just paste it as is.
Note : Do not paste more than 4 links in a comment to an article. Use another section and repeat.
Step 3 : Add a few tags, tags popular. And post your comment.

Finished. The article on Medium will be indexed and google crawlera also to your links. As the medium is a site of very high authority, your links will certainly be indexed. I’ve used this technique with many links. And no link has been désindexé after this method.


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