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In a first step it is necessary to keep in mind that you should set up a business.

In fact, the concept of a blog by itself is not intended to make money.

We will be blogging about his passion for example.

But this is not intended to make money.

So if you want to Earn money with a blog, think first of all to the idea.

From the outset you need to think about your idea:

Y a-t-it a business?

Is this monétisable?

If the answer is yes you will be able to start your business on the internet with your blog.

Do not try to invent the hot water!

The goal is simply to take the ideas that work.

What I mean by that, or are there business.

So what are the areas or you can sell?

The infoprenariat

We are in the air information, you can quite sell a training that you have created.

The profitability is often very strong because you’ll have virtually no expenses!

The Ecommerce

It is a question here of physical products. The advantage in e-commerce is that the conversion rate is often higher.

The charges are high if you need to create, store, and éxpédier your products.

On the other hand, if you are Dropshipping you will have the opportunity to start with almost no expenses!

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The Service

Uber is a good example of a service company. So, yes, don’t try to compete with Uber you will not.

On the other hand you can offer your services on Fiverr for example.

As I told you, do not try to create hot water.

You can, based on a theme that exists and that works!

ClickBank, Jvzoo, 1TPE

Do you know these platform?

It is a platform where you can sell information products.

You can sell your courses, either in the form of Ebooks or videos.

Simply, you do pay to access the information.

You can also earn money by becoming an affiliate of different programs. By being an affiliate, you will make the promotions of the chosen products and you will receive a commission on sales.

On Clickbank with 50% of sales revolve around the health.

You can therefore sell a training in this field.

If you’re a fan of Cross-fit mount a blog on this niche!

Are you saying that if there is competition, it is that the demand is huge!

Categories to exploit

As I said the competition means that there are of the business.

Therefore, think that it is better to begin in a small business represents 1% of the biz global?

Or, do you think it is better to take 1% of a market that represents 99% of the biz global?

1 – Health

It is simple, it is the business number 1.

You care about all of them to be in good health and staying that way isn’t it?

2 – The money

Anything that affects the money works.

You want to win all of the money is not it?

Be it real estate, internet business or the stock market or the crypto currencies… you want to win all the money!

3 – Seduction, personal development

All that relates to seduction.

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Better public speaking.

Education of children, pets etc…

4 – Recreation

Everything that touches the sport.

Football, basketball, kitesurfing or golfing…

Evaluate your potential turnover

In a first time you’re going to have to aim for the 10000 euros of monthly sales.

Basically, with this board you can expect a net monthly income of 3500 euros (after taxes)

How to do ca?

The value

for how many people you will be able to create value?

The more people there are for which you will be able to create the value, the more your AC will be important.

It is for this reason that health is a domain that runs at the bottom because everybody wants to be in shape !

The level of distress people

Said like this it may seem to you horrible.

On the other hand the greater the degree of pain is important the more your potential prospect will take action.

Someone who has just lost his job will seek by all means to earn money and go up the slope, is not it?

A woman who wants to lose their cellulite will achieve a level of pain high.

And if you know how to address this kind of people, your conversion rate will be equivalent to the level of their distress => Jackpot!

Attention, however, you must bring real solutions to these people and not rip them off!

If you still don’t find your idea

The concept of the hedgehog is taken from the field of human resources.

In effect, it will allow you to simply determine where you need to go.

You will be able to better weigh the pros and cons for you to engage in a field or niche in particular.

Ask yourself these 3 questions ?

You can also ask these questions to your friends and family!

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Search the and see if it is in agreement with you!

You need to find 3 things:

  • Your passions
  • Your forces
  • And that ac is in a domain that pays!

Validate your idea

  • Are you in one of the 4 categories of business mentioned above?

If the answer is no, think again there because you’re not on the right track.

  • Do you have competition?

If the answer is yes, then it is that you can launch! Don’t be afraid of the competition!

Simply observe and do better than them !

If there is advertising on Adwords or Facebook ads, for example, is that ca pays!

Methods for mounting your Business

  1. Create everything from A to Z, it costs you 0 euro, however this will cost you a lot in time.
  2. Buy a website, an e-commerce or a blog! Here are some sites that you can consult and

The E-Mails! The base of the base for your business!

I have lost years believe it or not but the fact is that it is the MOST effective way to reach your audience.

In fact, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc it is very good!

On the other hand, you need to know that only 10% of the people who like your page, Facebook will see your publication.

The e-mail is today the most effective way of:

  • Reach your audience
  • Get traffic on demand
  • Make sales!

You need to know that your email database is your asset!

Your email belongs to you!

A page Facebook may very well be banned and you lose everything!

Your email remains, and this is all part ?

Choose your platform to build your blog!

I invite you to read the next article about how to choose your platform to use.

You will need several things:

  1. Your domain name
  2. A server that will host your blog

See you in the next article! Click HERE

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