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To make a free blog there are tons of solutions.

A simple search on the Internet will allow you to find hundreds of platforms that are going to offer you a way to create a blog for free.

Make a free blog, is a good way to begin, however, I always tell myself one thing that is a truth  » when it’s free, you are the product « .

I don’t want you to force or even require you to buy anything, but quite honestly if you want to start a blog and make money with I strongly recommend going through the free stuff.

Here is however a small list of websites where you can create your own blog for free :


Wix is a platform for blog Completely free but with limited functionality in the free version.

The big advantage is that it is very simple to use and you can set up your first site in a blink of an eye.

What is unfortunate is that in the free version you will be very quickly limited because you will need additional features.

On the other hand, to start this is a great way because you will have very quickly a site that loads in a blink of an eye with a nice user experience.

In addition, level SEO blogs WIX reference, rather not bad.

To this question, I will respond to only two things :

  • Are you willing to invest a small amount per month for your blog ?
  • Are you ready to learn how to work a WordPress blog ?

For me, there are not 36 solutions. If you want to start a blog seriously on the Internet it is necessary to equip yourself with the best tools into the game.

Want to make a blog free is not a viable solution in the long term.

So, you have two solutions, either you mount a real blog with a web host to install WordPress in them.

Either you decide to choose a proprietary platform self-hosted, but this solution will cost you more expensive every month.

Moreover, taking a host on which you install your WordPress blog, you have the sole ownership of the domain name and the content.

The icing on the cake is that once you have your hosting you will be able to mount as many blogs as you want.

Finally, I just said just above to make a blog that works you need to equip yourself with the right tools.

Having your own hosting and your own domain name !

Then, you need to create content relevant to your niche. You will need to create a lot of content, in fact it is not enough to write one or two articles in order to expect to be ranked in the search engines and have free traffic.

Council 1. The content:

So, my advice is to focus on the content of your site. You will need to write at least 30 articles of at least 700 words each to be able to hope to begin to see a little bit of organic traffic coming from Google.

I know, I come to break your dreams…

and yes it is absolutely necessary to create a lot of content to be able to be well ranked on Google.

Board 2 The speed of the website:

The second board, and the second most important thing to manage when you create the site.

You ABSOLUTELY have to Having a fast website and with a good user experience.

It is really important to have a website fast and sleek.

I advise you so you can focus on the content and the speed of your site.

Do not start to put the GIF anywhere or I don’t know what animation is… the most important thing is the content that will read the user ! There is a need to captivate his attention into the game.

If patient more than three seconds for your site to load, you’ve already lost.

It is vital that your site load in a second so that he can see your content instantly.

Frankly I could stop right there and tell you to just apply these two tips to create a blog that works.

I repeat again listen CONTENT AND SPEED OF THE SITE Are the only two things you really need to focus in the first place.

Google will reward you a hundredfold.

Tip 3 The Social networks:

But Google is not the only source of traffic.

In parallel to your blog, you can create a YouTube channel related to your niche.

It is sincerely one of the best sources of traffic you can get since YouTube belongs to Google and that your videos will appear in the Google search engine.

It is therefore important to be familiar with your niche and choose keywords of your YouTube videos so that she may answer questions of internet users.

I suggest you go look at the suggestions when you start typing a word in the YouTube search.

Obviously, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, are social networks, not to be overlooked.

Depending on your niche, certain social networks will work better than others.

How to make a fashion blog is a question that often comes up on the Internet.

By applying the three tips mentioned above you will be able to very easily create a fashion blog that works.

In terms of social networking, I think YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are the best sources of traffic for a fashion Blog!

In effect, the mode of the make-up or Fashion are really very present on social networks like YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

So please refer to the council one and two and then mount your blog as a central point of the different social networks.

You will send your visitors to YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest on your blog or you will have the main content well-written, uncluttered and well-illustrated.

You can watch thearticle from The express which deals with the subject.

To make a travel blog, It’s a bit the same story as before.

It is necessary to apply the same concepts.

However, I would say that for a travel blog, YouTube and Instagram are enough.

May be page Facebook linked to your account, Instagram will surely be a plus.

On the other hand, it is still the same concept, the blog should always be at the centre of your social networks and you must attach a special significance to the content so that you can have organic traffic coming from Google.

This Article speaks rather well of the topic also 😉


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