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Today we will talk about indexing.

Indeed, it is sometimes complicated to index some urls, and especially since Google has removed are service where we could suggest a url.

Suddenly, several choices are available to you.

If you want to index your backlinks, for example, you can very well create a page on one of your sites that is already in your search console.

Basically, you write a short article, you place the link you want to index and submit the page in the search console… you follow me? It is boring no?

Other possibility, you would expect that your link will index every single… if you are patient it can do it but if you’re like me, there is no way to wait that long.

In short, since Google has removed are service where you could submit any url that is really sucks to have to type this kind of process.

And then it happens more and more that even the pages of your site, which is already in the search console, make désindexer.

So he must be typing all the urls by hand in the SC, or re-submit a sitemap…

So to solve it I propose you a small service, not expensive that will allow you to index all the pages that you want in bulk mode!

Thank you for that?


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