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Video games are a value for the traffic.

In fact, when we see to what point the buzz of games such as Minecraft, league of legend or Fortnite… there are always way to make lots of money!

And when I see the time spent by kids in front of YouTube videos of players I think still more that there is a business!

Then you will ask me how to do it?

I’m going to in this article will discuss exactly how to generate 100 to 200 euros per day.

While watching videos.

If you already spend hours watching this kind of videos, you will lose money!

I will explain how to look at videos of Fortnite, download and edit your YouTube channel with high traffic!

  1. You monetize your YouTube videos with Adsense
  2. Send traffic to YouTube on your Blog
  3. Monetize your blog with Adsense, Amazon etc…
  4. Pocket! (1 to 2 hours of work per day)

1 Create a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel on Fornite, for example.

I’m not going to explain how to create a YouTube channel anyway huh 😉

I invite you to discover the site Socialblade and, in particular, the chain of the Ninja.

Ninja is a gamer, and you can see that he is gaining very well in life with his YouTube videos.

The goal is not to reach its level.

In contrast, the niche of video games is very profitable on YouTube.

You specialize on a popular games you will lot of views!

And it is more than realistic to expect 100 to€ 200 per day very easily!

2 Create an Account on Twitch

Very simple you go on Twitch.tv and you create your account.

Directly you will be able to see the games that have the most views.

My advice is you focus on 1 games with strong potential.

At this time it is Fortnite, which cased all but you can start on another! League Of Legends is also very promising!

3 Download the Tops Videos Fornite

Click on Fortnite:


Then, click on the Clips:

fortnite clips

Then organize the videos Top of last 24 hours.

So you can see all the videos in the moment which are viral, funny or buzz.

It only remains for you that to try to find those that you like the most, the funniest, or the most viral.

As soon as you find a video you like copy the link:

copy the link of the video Twitch

Once the link is copied, go to http://fr.fetchfile.net/ and paste the link of the video to download it to your computer.

Therefore, you have the process!

You only had to download each day at least 5 top videos of the last 24 hours.

4 edit the video

Once you have uploaded 5 videos of the day, you need to go up together before you upload the video of the day on YouTube!

For this, you can use any video editing software:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • After Effect
  • First Pro

In fact, regardless of the software you will find without problem of the free software to perform this task.

If you really galérez going to do a tour on YouTube and search  » How to make a video editing « 


5 Make a Thumbnail for the video

The when it comes to making a cover image for your YouTube video.

You can use canva.com it’s free!

Also, if you galérez YouTube is full of Tutorials to help you:


If you are comfortable with Photoshop you can also very well use it!

6 Put a royalty-free Music on your Video

Be careful, it is very important not to put your favorite song.

YouTube does not mess with the copyright and your video will not be monetized.

It must therefore be music free right.

You will find your happiness in https://www.bensound.com/

Or directly in the music library of YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

7 And the Copyright?

I invite you to read this:


Basically, if you use small parts of a video (the best time) and you make a compilation, you have no worries about.

You can also cite your sources in the comments of the video.


copyright youtube

In addition, if you use a royalty-free music you have little chance that it bothers you!

8 Send Traffic to the video

All means are good:

  • Reddit.com (section fortnite)
  • Facebook
  • Comment on other YouTube videos

Let’s summarize !

All you need to do is recover every day the best parts of the videos twitch.

Then you edit them, and you make only one video.

Try to make something clean and nice to look at!

Even if you don’t have millions of views right away, you will have what to win a substantial amount quickly!

Then you have a lot of other opportunities to scale to win even more money!

Create your blog or you embed your videos.

So the affiliate Amazon for example!

You can even sell t-shirts! (Printfull.com)

Use the expressions used in the games for example!

Attention, however, do not make T-shirt with the logos of the games! They are protected and you may have problems!

Inhale-you simply of the culture of the games, for example.

Short! You’ll understand that this technique is just magical!

Imagine all the free traffic that you might send on your site or ecommerce!

Feel free to comment if you have more! 😘

9 Make your own videos of Game Play

The best way is still to make your own original videos.

IF you have a console like a ps4, a xbox x or even a Nintendo switch, it is very simple to make your own videos by filming your tv screen.

A minimum equipment will be required to make these videos as a case of acquisition.

As you can read in this section there are two major brands (AVerMedia and Elgato) that provide the appropriate equipment to shoot and save your video games console.


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