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As I said at the end of the previous article you’re going to need a domain name and a web host.

What is a domain name?

When you buy a domain name as this site for example waxoo.fr you buy the possibility that people can see you typing a single name.

In reality, the domain name used to access your site in a simple way without having to type in the address of the server may be, for example, 217.187.456.58

Not easy to remember isn’t it?

Suddenly people fucking smart people invented DNS servers that will translate this address complicated (217.187.456.58) and redirect it to your domain name (waxoo.fr)

What is a web host?

The host will be able to store the files that constitute your blog or site.

Rather than store them on your computer you will delegate this task in a host.

We speak of a server, and it is the host who will ensure that your site is accessible H24 anywhere in the world.

Which web host to choose?

For my part I use O2Switch (Click HERE) because it is cheap and very effective!

In addition, you can have your domain name for free by taking accommodation with them.

I am at home since 2011, I’ve never had any trouble.

The icing on the cake is that their customer service is very reactive.

You can ask all your questions at any time!

You need to know that they are also very security-oriented, your site will be so well protected in them.

It will cost just 5€ per month 🙂 knowing that they offer you the domain name.

You will not be limited in storage capacity in O2switch.

How to Choose your domain name?

In a previous article I’ve explained to you the techniques to find domain names.

An expired domain can possibly give you a good boost.

A bit like if you rachetiez a business except that the domain name will only cost you a few euros!

What is important is that your domain name must be associated with a brand.

If you are in the real estate does not pick up has to have the word real estate in your domain name. This is not essential.

The domain name should be easy to remember.

It should also be as short as possible.

Blablacar, for example, is a domain name really top!

You can also buy the domain name corresponding to your name. level Branding is top!

Which platform to Use?

You have Joomla, Drupal, Dotclear, etc…


Really here whatever your business take WordPress!

It’s free, powerful, the community is huge and you can do it all.

Then you agonize not the head it is WordPress that it is necessary to use.

Plus, it installs in 3 clicks on the interface O2Switch :

The design?

To tell the truth… It is crazy!

Well not really, what matters most is the content of your site!

As I explained in a previous articlethis SHOULD NOT prevent you from moving forward!

It should not even represent 20% of your time!

On the other hand I can advise you some WordPress themes that will get you started.

But keep in mind that you’ll need to change your design every 3 years to ensure that it remains in the taste of the day.

What is really important is that your website is adapted to smartphones!

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