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In my previous article I’ll explain how to earn money on YouTube without creating any content.

Basically the goal was to monetize the gameplay that you find on Twitch.

It may be your dream, that you are a adult or teen but be aware that it is quite possible to live of this activity, which has a number of advantages!

First, this activity will allow you to work from your home.

Second, it allows you to live your passions, be it video games, cooking, fashion and I spend 🙂

On the other hand, to become a true Youtubeur and actually monetize your videos in order to generate a good income on youtube, the best is to create their own videos.

If you’re a gamer, what would you say to film your games and post them on YouTube ?

In reality, you may well round out your month with this method, even do your job.

The gameplay videos or the live are very popular on Youtube and Twitch so you might be paid to play all day!

You will need to spend time and be persistent to achieve your goals.

We have seen very often video gaming go easily million views! Knowing that 1 million views will earn you around 1,000 euros.

The first rule is to choose the keywords and to be minimum in the first 3 videos to have the maximum traffic. Don’t forget that YouTube belongs to Google, the shot classification system is broadly similar.

Of the stroke if you use relevant keywords with a high search there are great chances that you can position yourself and reap a maximum of views!

Gameplay Fortnite

In France alone the key word « Gameplay Fortnite » is searched 500 times per month:

As you can see it is going to be ultra simple to place it on the query Gameplay Fortnite.

In passing if you want to know with precision number of searches monthly keyword to optimize your titles, I recommend ahrefs or 👉 Semrush 😉

In short when you have found a keyword you want to target you need to try to find terms associated to put it in the description and in the tags of your video.

Make quality videos

It goes without saying that you will also need to pay special attention to the content that you publish.

If you are on video games and that you are filming the Gameplay of your Switch, Ps4 or Xbox one X you need to make sure that the sound is good and the video have good resolution.

For this you will need to have a good case to purchase that will allow you to save your games with a good sound.

The ultimate goal is to have a maximum of inch blue 😉 and that your retention rate is good (percentage of time that people watched your videos)

A further parameter will be to have videos of more than 10 min in order to be able to monetize better.

Last, but not least, you will need to have links that point to your video to lend credibility. (shares on social networks, external web sites that make you a link etc etc..)

I invite you to take a look at one of my channels YouTube

It may happen that you’re in lack of inspiration to create videos on YouTube.
You also definitely need to YouTube to gain organic traffic from their videos.
In fact, YouTube videos rank very well in search engines since YouTube belongs to Google.
Therefore, it is very simple to position on a keyword even competitive with a YouTube video.
I let you imagine the potential traffic that can bring you a video which is very well referenced in Google on a keyword competitive.
In drop shipping, e-commerce, for your blog, YouTube is really a traffic source inexhaustible.
On the other hand, you have to put titles that respond to the questions of the people who visit YouTube.
In this video I explain you all this in detail and I even offers you two huge lists extracted from Ahrefs that will allow you to hit in your niche.
These files are available by clicking on the link below and this totally free of charge.


Explanatory video to get maximum traffic from YouTube :



You’ll understand if you want to get into the videos of GamePlay it will be necessary to equip you and this is not always easy to know what to choose.

I’m not going to address this subject here, but I suggest you to read this article that will allow you to see much more clear !


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