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Facebook ads is more and more looking at when you post advertisements on their network.

Suddenly I hear more often about people who have had their business manager blocked and impossible to unlock.

Wholesale when this happens to you, I am really sorry to tell you but you have very little chance of returning to your Business Manager.

Beautiful you emphasize with Facebook, once you are banned it is ended and good luck to re-create it.

It is then necessary to cover their tracks at maximum with Facebook in order to create a whole new identity, and as a result the use of a VPN is a solution.

Especially if you have been blacklisted in the past (like me 😅


Some will tell you the same that it is necessary to change the PC, since Facebook is able to detect the serial numbers of the machine used and the approximation. Good it is a little mode FBI/CIA, but hey it’s Facebook then there is no doubt that they are capable of everything in terms of intrusion.

So we will not be totally psychopaths, and change the computer but I’m going to share with you a little trick that I’ve used.😊

It is very simple you will create a virtual machine on your MAC or PC using the free software Virtual Box.


Once the VirtualBox software is installed you can simply install a Windows or a Linux (ubuntu or fedora) on your virtual machine.
I’m not going to make a tutorial on how to create the virtual machine it is very easy to find on the net.

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Suddenly you find yourself with an environment that is totally blank and un-correlated to the hardware of your machine. (I don’t think that Facebook can grill ca)


In your virtual machine, install your VPN and turn it on (Personally I advise you to NordVPN.)
After this step, and after you make sure that your IP has changed (look for whatsmyip on Google, and compare that to the ip of your physical machine vs ip of your virtual machine), you will be able to create your new account Facebook and your new Businness manager with a whole new identity 😘






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