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In my ongoing process to learn always more, one of my sources of knowledge are, of course, books.

On the other hand, it is not always easy to ask for read! Mostly large cobbles !

Thus, it is noticed that more and more people, including myself are turning to audio books.

It is this that provides Amazon with Audible, if you have an account with Amazon Prime you will have free access to one book per month!


It is very simple, instead of reading a book you listen to. Put on your headphones, or your headphones, start the audio playback, and a narrator reads the book to you.

By downloading the application Audible, available on all platforms, iOS, Android and Windows, you will be able to take millions of songs, thousands of books!

It is very convenient when one goes on holiday to listen to your books on the beach for example, or even while doing your workout 😉

Personally I listen to books every time I get in my car, it allows me to optimize my time to the commute.

I’m connecting wirelessly over bluetooth on the car speakers and here I am immersed in a new reading.

But you can just as well do it in the metro, the tram, the train… in Short, all the public transport and even when you do not have a network connection.

Audible has more than 400 000 audio books in his library.

What is really awesome is that there’s something for all tastes, be it novels, thriller, thriller, science fiction, health, children, teens, podcasts, etc… My tastes are rather focused on books, business and personal development 😉

The narration of the audio books it is also a tool just great for the visually impaired, or dyslexic !

Subscribe to Audible

To subscribe to Audible, this is very simple, you pay€ 9.95 per month and you will have access to a credit which entitles you to a book.

Once you have purchased the book belongs to you, you can re-listen as many times as you want even if you cancel your subscription.

In addition, there is no commitment, at any time you may cancel your monthly subscription, and even exchange a book that you don’t like.

Audible Free, Free Trial

Audible allows you to test the service free of charge trial offer first month for 30 days and your first book free.

So in the end you have nothing to lose because even if you cancel you will still have won a book 🙂

Even if you have an account with Amazon prime (which I strongly advise you 49 euros per year) you will benefit from free audio books !

With Amazon prime or Amazon primeyou will benefit from plus free delivery your package to you in 24 hours but also digital books, video-on-demand with their streaming service bonus video.

You can see tons of movies and series exclusive Amazon Prime Video, the time or Netflix had a monopoly is now gone ! In the end Amazon Prime of cost you 4€ per month with all services included !

This is actually a good plan to sign up to the Amazon Prime when you see all the benefits that it provides.


Library audio books Amazon Audible

Here is how your library Audible from the web site.

Below you can see the last two books that I was able to « read » or rather listened to 🙂

library Audible

App Audible

Here is a small overview of the application of Audible:

App Audible

Audible selects for you titles of books that would suit you

App Audible

You will also have access to the top of sales of audio books

App Audible

Each month you will have a credit included in your subscription giving you access to a book of your choice

Whether you are a lover of kindle, podcast or e-book, the audio format will have enough to seduce you.

In fact, the book paper, on an ereader or a tablet requires a real investment of time, since it is necessary to be posed and it is impossible to do while driving or during your jogging by example.

Reading books will not ask you the more time you dedicate before.

The digital library of Audible is actually very available and will satisfy the most demanding. For most of the books I’ve been able to listen to the narrators have a pleasant voice to listen to and it is quite frankly soothing.


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