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Amazon does not stop to take market share, it is a fact.

The growth of this company is just amazing, but it is not for nothing, Amazon base everything on customer satisfaction.

In fact, at the slightest problem, when you are a premium customer, you will be refunded quickly.

It is therefore a real business opportunity to sell on Amazon, and especially FBA because you will enjoy the daily traffic-boggling Amazon (if you don’t sell it is that you really have not made any effort) and on the other hand you got rid of all the aspects of logistics and customer service because Amazon handles it.

On the other hand, as an airline pilot, it is ESSENTIAL to have tools to make good decisions.

Imagine a pilot without an instrument, what would happen if he had to land a plane at night in the fog… You know the answer isn’t it?

The same goes for a business on Amazon, you need to have accurate data in order to make the right decisions and avoid the crash.

I really kind of insist on this point!

My partner and I have struggled for several months because we were too cheap to invest in tools….

In the end we lost a precious time and we have seen a real difference since we are equipped with AmzScout (among other 😉 )


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