Twenty-Five Things to Do When Your G+ Hangout on Air is Over

25 Things to do After Your Google Plus Hangout on Air is Over

What you do after your Hangout on Air is over is just as important as the promotion, preparation, and actual event itself. If you are calling it quits when your HoA is finished, you are missing out on the power of repurposing that content to build community, generate leads, and grow your followers and traffic.

This list of things to do after a Hangout on Air is not a linear list. It’s more of a salad bar. Pick and choose; mix and match; cycle back and forth. Remember to enlist your panelists and viewers to do these same actions (where applicable) for viral exposure.

1. Spend time on the event page interacting with your guests by commenting, thanking, and answering questions. Reward your viewers with some feedback. It makes them feel valued when you acknowledge their praise and answer their questions. The sooner after the event you can do this, the better. You may find that for certain topics, the dialogue can continue for days!

2. Make a circle of the viewers who commented on the event page (possibly include those who indicated yes/maybe to your invitation). I use the (affiliate link) Circloscope app to do this action easily.

3. Share the circle with words of appreciation. See this example by Stephan Hovnanian.

4. Post some of the best comments from the event page in a G+ post, giving the commenters credit with a +mention, of course. See an example by Ronnie Bincer.

5. Later, invite the circle of active participants to your next hangout.

6. Upload a custom thumbnail to the HoA YouTube video, preferably one that matched the unique branding you used on your event page theme.

7. Tweak the YouTube video’s title, tags, and description to maximize its chances of being found in search.

8. Add the event page link (or some other link) to the YouTube video description area with a call to action.

9. List the people from the HoA panel in the Youtube video description.

10. Share the video on Google Plus with an interesting introduction and +mentions of the panelists. See an example by Jeff Sieh.

11. Pin the video from YouTube onto Pinterest.

12. Send the panelists the YouTube video link and ask them to use, share, or promote it in the ways in this list. (Feel free to share this post with them for ideas.)

13. Tweet the YouTube video link.

14. Create a time-stamped outline of the Hangout on Air and share it on G+. See an example by Debi Davis.

15. Create a list of great quotes from the panelists in the Hangout on Air. List them in a G+ post and +mention the speakers.

16. Make those quotes into graphics for social media which you pin to Pinterest (linking back to your video or event page) and share on different social media platforms. See an example pin that links to a HoA video.

17. Thank the host or panelists privately or publicly.

18. Add the YouTube video link to a section of your G+ profile where you highlight your expertise.

19. Share the video on LinkedIn.

20. Write a blog post that is related to the video and embed the video into the post. Offer valuable content beyond the video.

21. Embed the video into a relevant sneeze page on your site.

22. Slice and dice sections of the video to create small snippets to use in various ways. This is known in some circles as “the Scott treatment.”

23. Make a screenshot of the Hangout on Air YouTube video. Add the screenshot to your email newsletter linking it back to either the event page or to the YouTube video so your subscribers can watch.

24. Pull out the audio and convert it into a podcast episode or an mp3 download.

25. Create your next event page and share the new link on the hangout you just finished. People who said yes or maybe to the event or who interacted on the event get a notification that you posted. Hopefully they will sign on for your next event. Now your follow-up leads into promotion of the next event.

Even More Actions

26. Run a report at Plus My Reach to get data about reach and engagement.

If you hold regular hangouts, you will find that you are constantly planning, promoting, and following up on hangouts. The cycle never ends, and your reach will exponentially grow with consistent investment in these twenty-five post-Hangout on Air actions.

  • You have some “Amaze Balls” skills for re-purposing and curating your hangouts!

    I especially love #16 it gives me more excuses to use PicMonkey. Never had heard of a “Sneeze Page” before, will enjoy reading the post you linked to regarding it.

    Might I suggest a 26th way, transcribe the hangout add an intro and format it for a Kindle book and become a published author.

    • Great idea, Eleanor! I would think that you would want to round out the hangout transcript with some additional content, but yes, a digital product is a very possible way to repurpose a HoA. (Of course, you would need to get the approval of panelists if you were using their ideas/words.)

  • Jimmie,

    This is an exceptional guide and exactly what I needed to guide me towards greater success with my weekly HOA ‘Get UNStuck with Les’

    Now to get busy and follow through.

    P.S. What exactly does Jason mean – Go back to the Event and the YouTube descriptions and change the main link to your blog post?

    • Thanks, Les! Jason embeds the YouTube video on a blog post. Then he updates the event page and YT video description with that post URL.

    • Hey Les, without going into the full work flow, here’s what I do. Before the HOA event, I link from the YouTube to the event on G+, because I want to drive traffic and action there. But after the event, I embed the video and, podcast into my blog. So I no longer want traffic to go to the event page from YouTube, now I want to it to go to my blog, so I change it. This also plays into SEO as a back link.

      Got it?

  • Congrats on the podcast Jimmie. Did you post the link?

  • This is great – thank you.


  • Great list, Jimmie. Wish that we had these ideas gathered all in once place during our last Online Empowerment Hangout Series. And thanks for finally giving me the nudge I need to figure out what a sneeze page!
    Great to see you at #GooglePlusChat today!


    • With baby #2 due in less than 7 weeks, I am not planning on any HOA for a while, but this inspires me to return to the 12 fabulous conversations we had in October. That’s always the challenge – continuing to give great content the attention it deserves!
      With gratitude,

  • Jimmie, I heard chatter about this post in an HOA this morning, so was excited to see it appear in my email. My first thought was “terrific, someone else [you] has done the heavy lifting” for me because I just know I don’t do nearly enough follow-up AFTER the HOA. I especially like #’s 15/16 Create and graphically display a list of great quotes — seems obvious, but in my case more like, “duh, why am I not already doing that.”

    Thanks too for the shout out in #22.

  • Terrific post Jimmie!! You’ve given everyone the Perfect WrapUp for a G+ HOA, complete with excellent examples.

    Looking around my office to see who can help… too bad the cats and plants don’t do social media!

    Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow this Goddess the capability of using their Custom Thumbnail (took me FOREVER to figure out it’s the “grownup” rating of most of my content).

    Looking forward to learning more from you – MUAH!


    • Yes! It’s a lot of work to do it well. Help is nice. If you are a one-man show, you must do the best you can. I have a small team, and it is considerably easier.

  • I saw a few people mention your Post was on their What’s Hot feed, so I sauntered over to get the specifics on what 25 things I should be doing after my HOA is done. This is a really handy roster Jimmie. Kudos for the well deserved accolades!

  • Very nice wrapup Jimmie. And you are so right o say that the work is really just beginning when you hit the “end broadcast” button. And while all of these are very important, some are absolutely imperative.

    Like 1) visiting the comment stream. You need to get in there and keep the discussion alive as long as possible. People leave the party pretty quickly, and the responses will not get noticed if you don’t act quickly. You need to build on the momentum of the event.

    I wish G+ would show us who said no so we can be better at sending invites and not send spam. This invites here are a very tricky wicket. I will be posting soon about the challenges of Event invites.

    Other things I like to do is to ask your viewers to Tweet the Video, or a pre-scripted Tweet that I post to the Event Stream.

    And lastly, once you have written your blog, made your podcast, and embedded your video, Go back tot he Event and the YouTube descriptions and change the main link to your blog post.

    • Just got our podcast set up, Jason, and I’m rereading your note here. So much to do, but I feel like we are really milking every bit of value from the HoA.

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