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Hello This post will be very short, but it was only intended to keep in head the crucial when it is a Blog affiliate!

It must be well visible, it must be clear and must show that you are a brand!

The home page

Have a nice home page clearly showing what you bring to the reader is important.

One the other hand, in a first time, it is more important to focus on the articles.

The content of your Blog

It is much better to publish a few articles for really long with a lot of information to cover a topic, that to have 10 short articles that are flying over the subject.

Attach you, therefore, to produce Lonnnngs articles of excellent quality!


To have content that is of excellent quality it is necessary to document it !

So don’t hesitate to include links do-follow to sites of trusts, scientific studies, as well as research, to support your comments.

Internal Links

Internal links are very important !

You really need to take care to make links between your various articles in order to have a good internal mesh.

In terms of SEO it is very important.

That written, the author

You must put yourself in the place of your reader.

In order to create a climate of confidence it is important that the reader can put a face to the person that reads it.

Create a character behind your site, so that people can identify with! You will need to put the biography of the author on each of your articles.

Don’t forget to have a social networking profile, whether it is your own or a fictional character. (Twitter profile, Facebook, Linkedin, etc…)

Legal notices and about

A page of legal notices is not only mandatory, but it reassures the reader. More Google appreciates this.

The about page it should be the page the better!

Tell your story, showcase your added value, why you created this site, for that, you want to bring to people!

Here, I have made short but there is the main thing ! This is really the basic of basic for a good start in blogging !


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