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Social networks have now become an essential tool in today’s society but also and above all in the economic world. They can be used in many ways, including creating and developing an audience, developing an audience around a specific topic, or generating traffic on an e-shop page to increase the number of potential sales.

Although incredibly practical and efficient, as well as accessible from any computer gold phone with a wifi connection, social networks are also synonymous with some constraints for economic actors who want to make the most of them:

  • The first constraint is the multiplication of social networks and platforms in recent years. Social networks were originally modest in number, aim their propagation and popularity has led to the current increase in the number of platforms, whether or not they are organized around specific themes. The problem for page managers is then to have to manage a growing number of pages, and therefore to increase the time spent on them. Year increase in working time is then intrinsically inevitable
  • The other constraint is the second current evolution of networks, the one I call instantaneous. The modern evolution of social networks requires ever more frequent and instantaneous updates. With the advent of smartphones and associated applications, the frequency of consultation has increased and with it the need to renew and update publications to be always as close as possible to users and optimize efficiency
  • Before these constraints and many others, and to best meet the modern problems of social networks in the management of a company, the software Jarvee has been created and has many advantages in optimizing this management.


Early planning of updates

Jarvee has a double advantage in this respect. First of all, it allows you to decided the hours of social network updates and schedule them so that you don’t have to connect to your various accounts at the exact time you want the update to be displayed.

It therefore allows you to choose the optimal time to display your updates in order to optimize the rendering and reach the widest possible audience. For example, if you want your updates to be displayed at 9pm, because that ‘ s when your customers and prospects are most likely to be connected, it’s possible! If you would rather have your updates displayed at 00:30 because your core target is known to be late to bed, it is also possible. This will help you target your readers even better as your publication will not be drowned in the middle of all the other updates, since it is so that your customers and prospects will read first.

Another advantage of Jarvee is that it allows you to schedule publications at the desired time on all of the following major social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Not only will you be able to optimize your updates by choosing the time of publication, but you will also be able to do so on all six platforms, thus increasing your efficiency.

The management of several accounts

Jarvee allows you to optimize the management of several accounts.

Whether on behalf of your customers or to manage your own business, you can manage multiple accounts in parallel without ever leaving a trace.

Target your real audience

Having a strong audience, many followers and other subscribers is an undeniable asset for your business and its development and this hearing will most certainly be beneficial to you.

However, quantity is not a guarantee of success, and then comes the risk of a strong and wide audience, but not necessarily adapted to the target of your core business. If, for example, you sell winter clothing goal 95% of your audience is made up of people living in the West Indies, what is your interest? None and even if your hearing is very large in absolute numbers.


To solve this problem, Jarvee has advanced options that will allow you to discover who is really interested in your business and target them more reliably and efficiently.

Increase your conversion percentage

Capturing attention through social networks and getting a certain number of users to follow you is a great modern and contemporary way to generate sales and therefore turnover.

However, a large audience does not mean a large number of sales and it is very rare that this correlation is linear. Let’s take a numerical example to be more meaningful: you can have an audience of 1,000 people that generates an average of 20 sales per month, while other companies will have an audience of 700 people that generates an average of 35 sales per month. Thus, the size of your audience is not directly correlated to that of your sales, it is this difference between the size of the audience and that of the number of sales that is called the percentage of conversions.

Jarvee increases your hearing and conversion percentage, leading to increased sales.

Increase the audience of your accounts in a simple and fast way

Jarvee has very powerful tools that will allow you to increase the internal growth of your accounts in a year efficient way with real follower and subscriber accounts that will constitute an efficient and optimized basic hearing.

Increasing your hearing quickly and easily with real accounts, that’s another feature Jarvee offers.

High quality customer support

Jarvee’s customer support for its users is doubly effective.

First of all, it is efficient thanks to the best support team in the sector.

Effective then through the expertise of the social networks that its members possess and that will help optimize your use and experience of Jarvee.



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