How I Got 10,000 Followers on Google Plus

How I Got Ten Thousand Followers on Google Plus

A blogging friend recently asked my advice for using Google Plus. She prefaced her question with, “Since you have over 10,000 followers.”

Well, I did pass 10,000 followers in May 2013 and in June Ramsay Tolpin, The Blog Tyrant, used some of my tips in his article 29 Essential Tips from the Tip Google Plus Geeks. But to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how I did it. I certainly did not set out to gain five digits worth of spots in different people’s circles.

I merely enjoy Google Plus (Google+, G+).

My guess is that what gained me 10,000 followers was simply using Google Plus regularly with the the best practices I share here. (For reference, I joined G+ in August 2011. So it took me 21 months to cross the 10K mark.)

Make it Easy to Use

You are not going to use a platform that you forget about. So when you decide to invest in Google+, make it easy on yourself. Place a visible bookmark in your browser. Place it right beside those networks that you already have the habit of checking so that G+ becomes part of your daily social media routine.

Install the +1 extension (Chrome/Firefox) so that you can easily tell Google what kinds of content you like. Use it liberally. Remember, you can +1 an article or blog post without sharing it. I can’t help but think that every article you +1 works to indicate the kind of person you are in the eyes of Google. I like to +1 excellent articles in the niches that I want Google to consider me an expert in. But I +1 any kind of valuable content. I don’t want to appear like a robot. So recipes and craft ideas are mingled with more professional areas.

Put the G+ app on your smart phone, and use it. Check in each morning or night; scroll through and find a few things to +1. And be sure to comment. Just stalking is not enough. You need to interact so that people find you. When you +1 something, your tiny icon does show up, but when you comment, you get far more exposure in terms of screen space and hopefully  your well-chosen words cause people to want to follow you.

If you are a heavy Google user, you will see your notifications throughout the day. I use both Gmail and Google Drive, so I am constantly reminded of G+ with the red notification icon in the top right-hand corner. When I see the red number, I remember to check in, +1 comments people leave on my shares, and interact in communities.


As soon as I learned you can use hashtags on G+, I implemented them very deliberately, especially a few key hashtags in my niche I want to be associated with. Hashtags are searchable; click one to see. I want Google to know that I’m an authority in a couple of key areas, so I use those hashtags repeatedly. I also want others to be able to find me via those hashtags.

Now G+ is automatically adding relevant hashtags to your posts. But you can still add your own.

Periodically, I check what is being posted with my favorite hashtags by clicking on it or using the search function. I typically find new people to follow and new content to enjoy when I do that.


I do not automatically circle back. I have lots of people circle me. And to be honest, I have no idea who most of those 10,000 people are. (I often wonder how they even find me!) Many of them probably are not very active G+ users. And the vast majority do not interact on my posted content. You can see the notification screeenshot from my iPhone app below, that I have a wide variety of people circling me. I don’t have anything in common with these people, so I don’t circle them back.


In general, I don’t care who circles me. Sometime I spy a creep that I need to block, but for the most part, I let strangers alone. If they want to follow my public content, it is no problem for me. I do not, however, circle them in return unless they have a common interest and appear to have valuable or interesting content.

One of my goals on G+ is to have the most comprehensive circle of homeschool moms. So anytime I find one, I add her to my circle no matter what kind of content she posts or how active she is. Then I periodically share that circle with others (adding myself to it first). Sharing this circle sets me up as an expert in my niche. I have curated a large pool of homeschool moms on Google +, and people appreciate being able to locate them through my circle.

I do not circle people without avatars or without any About information. I often look at their latest posts to see if they interest me. If I think there is potential, I circle, knowing if the content begins to annoy me, I can uncircle or move to a more relevant circle later.

Unlike other social platforms, on G+ people do not know when you have uncircled or which circle you have placed them in. Therefore, you have no pressure to circle people just to reciprocate. I keep my own G+ stream limited to things I really enjoy. The fact that I keep my G+ experience narrowed to the fields I enjoy reading about is probably why I like it so much.


I am liberal with +1-ing content on G+ that I like. But I also try to leave comments (with hashtags where appropriate). I am not commenting only for SEO benefit although I know that is a perk to being on G+. I truly have something to say and want to interact. Being genuine is always the key to success on any social media platform.

If someone shares a post I like, I am more likely to comment on G+ than on the original article even if the person sharing it is the author. I find it more convenient for one, and I like the fact that I am building my reputation on G+and possibly finding new people to circle as they see and interact with my comment.

Commenting on G+ makes you more visible and gains more followers. Plus it’s more enjoyable to discuss great content than to mull it over by myself.

Your Google Plus Frustrations

It seems that many of my peers and clients find Google Plus mysterious. They want to have a presence there, but they don’t know how or even exactly why they should. I’d love to know what questions you have about Google Plus. I’ve created a very short survey to get your feedback. Knowing your thoughts about Google Plus will help me write blog posts to help you.

  • I would also love to have many Google+ followers. Will definitely follow these tips!

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  • Does this method still work in 2016? Google has changed lot of things. Hashtags are little different in G+ now when compared to twitter.

    Any new tip to get followers instantly in 2016?

  • I have not gone very deep into Google + yet, but I have my blog posts automatically posted on G+ when I publish. I am trying to grow my circles and my followers. I am a homeschool mama so I will look you up. 🙂

  • Thank you for share knowledge with us . I’m asking about the benefit of making google plus page and what is the difference between google plus profile and google plus page .

    • I hope I can help answer your question. A google+ page is mostly for businesses and companies. On the page you can add an address that is searchable, a phone number, and interact as a business. A G+ profile is mostly for personal use. I have always recommended using both if you have a business and using your personal profile to gain more exposure to your page.

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  • Hi jimmie,

    The ideas are very useful for me 🙂


    • I’m quickly discovering open communities aren’t really that useful, aside from attracting a +1 here and there.

      Finding the right community is important of course, but it seems like the majority of content is pretty shallow. I’m focusing on finding closed communities now, and hope they have more value to offer than an endless stream of links.

      Thanks for the tips, Jimmie!

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  • Good advice! Being an introvert, I scroll, +1 now & again, but don’t comment much. Lots of looks (at my photos), followers are going up, but I find it fascinating the lopsided ratio of “views” to “followers.” Thanks for the tips. I’m gonna try them beginning with commenting here today! 🙂

  • Helpful post but i still have some doubt. Can you please clear it out?

    With this revised Google+ (as per Nov, 2015), How one can follow the followers of competitor site?

    Like in the previous one you need to click “people have them in circle” to see and follow back the followers but now with this revised one there is nothing like that. So its really difficult for someone to get in touch with the followers of the competitor.

    I have been searching the web for a way out but still not getting it. If you have any idea please share it.


  • Thanks to your article, some things Google + are beginning to make sense! My great-grandmother was a single mom who raised 4 children. It is unclear to me whether she had the time to homeschool any of them. When her husband died of health complications following the Civil War, however, she compiled a trade card scrapbook to keep them amused and to teach them something about their world. That scrapbook is now online–all 194 pages of it–as a teaching resource for any who wish to use it. The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection- 1885 ( is something I think might be of interest to you, Jimmie. Meanwhile, I’ll wander off to see if I can gather more followers….

  • Thanks for the tips. I’ve been trying to build up connections through social media lately for my interior design firm and G+ was the one place that was left for last. Apparently I need to start +1’ing and commenting more !!

  • Hi, +1 for your great post, I am noob here so don’t be hard on me,
    followed your advice and got a good numbers of followers, but when I follow back google say you have reached the limit, i don’t know why

    is there a limit? and what is the medium average to keep under radar

    thank you a lot

    • Yes, there is a limit, but no one knows what it is exactly. It seems to be based on how many followers you have. Just keep building followers and slowly following back.

  • […] directly. In fact, daily use of Google Plus “+1” browser extension is a big part of how Jimmie Lanley got 10,000 G+ followers. Lanley crossed the 10K mark in 21 months, essentially through +1ing and commenting on articles she […]

  • Is there a danger that commenting too much (unless it’s totally relevant) might be well regarded?

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  • Since it’s not possible to post onto an individual profile, I would really like to know how to send something to an individual (not email) such as a thank you for joining my circles, a note about something new on my website, or just a friendly hello. I tried using the what’s new form, putting followers in the “to” space as it says to do, but it doesn’t go anywhere. I’d really appreciate it if you can tell me what to do.

    Thanks – great post.

    • You write something and tag the person in the share. Then remove the public part from the bottom before you share it. That’s how you private message someone.

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  • Hello

    I’ve took a little bit of a different route as a matter of fact. I have close to 5000 followers in 4 months. I do want to preface my statements with the fact that I have been using Hootsuite sense I’ve been on Google Plus which is $19 a month. I know that it is money but the fact that I can post a single post to several accounts while I’m sleeping has made this worth hundreds of dollars if not close to THOUSANDS.

    If understand the power of leveraging your time or letting technology do some work while you live your life then you will understand how important auto piloting is.

    Anyways I’m doing a Motivational/Inspirational website so you know I find several hundred photos on the internet and set them up just about every 2 hours. So I have 12 quotes going out a day. This is a lot of work and takes about 5 hours per week but through learning and studying motivation it’s not really a matter of a being motivated but simply incorporating this into my lifestyle. 🙂

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  • Well, I do use G+. All my articles from my blogs flow into G+ . Although I do not have so many followers, I am grateful for the few I do. There are those that have nothing in common and I can always ignore, but once in a while, I do get messages from persons that share the same interests.
    G+ is, definitely, a wonderful platform for networking

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  • I have started on Google plus early October and I have gained now 9.1k followers, I get hundreds of comments and thousands of likes on my posts, I treat Google plus like my Facebook and Instagram, like a social network not for business or anything, I was just looking about on Google to see other people who have reached over 10k cause I am going to hit it shortly due to I go up 200 – 300 followers a day from posting in teen community’s once about every few hours telling people hey add me, I am very active on Google plus and Ive realized it’s very amazing due to the fact that even celebrities and some famous people on Google plus with million of followers are not even as active as i am and the celebrities that are get up to 3,000 likes and a few hundred comments, if I in the future got to say 20,000 followers i could possibly be getting over 4,000 likes and over 1k comments on all my posts for all I know, most of my followers are extremely active and like and message me daily though I hardly respond , but I make everything public and I allow all comments I don’t block people based on comments because I believe in freedom of speech, people are always asking me to do a guide but i just tell them idk but things like this help me out thanks.

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  • I post daily, 2-4 pictures a day from my iphone. I have probably over 100 posts. When I post, I post on my business page through my iphone. I do not have many followers, maybe 20 after a couple months of posting.

    When I post on my iphone, the first thing I see after choosing the photo, is it wants me to tell it the recipients. It defaults to “self” which is where i have left it. I wonder if I don’t have many followers, because of this? What should I be choosing? I am in the beauty industry should i choose the “beauty” community? How can I choose more then one community?

    How do I get the most exposure for my posts?

    • If you are posting privately to self, no one can see it but you. Share public. That’s the basic answer.
      And I don’t suggest sharing the same post to more than one community. Vary how you share to different communities, and space it out.

  • Hello Jimmie. Many thanks. You have a lot of useful tips on your site. I will try to implement on my website. So far I have only 6 followers. Let’s see how much success I will have in the coming months.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Awesome advice Jimmie, I find G+ to be the best way to connect with people who all share the same interests as myself. Other than Twitter, it’s the best way to directly connect with people and network. Thanks again, James Mason.

  • Hi Jimmie, nice article read first time about G plus by you. I have a question if you can reply. Sometimes my tiny logo shows that i have +1 a post (indicating red) on a Google Plus page but when i try to see the details who else have +1 that post i couldn’t find myself on the list.

    • Jimmie Lanley

      Saroop, I don’t think there is a list of who has +1d a post on the web. If someone +1s on G+, you can see who they are, but +1ing on the web is not public.

  • Georgi Todorov

    Hello Jimmie and thanks a lot for the fantastic tips 🙂

    I am a total newbie in Google + and I don’t even have one follower! I have created my account yesterday. What advice can you give to me, so I will get my first followers?

    • Jimmie Lanley

      Head to the explore tab, put in a hashtag you are interested in, and start interacting (intelligently) on the posts you find.

  • Hi,

    Interesting, i have only 8 followers on Google plus, but 6000 on facebook page. Not many people seem to be on google plus (location dependent). However one strange thing i notice is my google plus page:

    has only ‘8 followers’, BUT has “186,757 views. This makes no sense at all, those 8 followers are looking at my page on average 20,000 times each? this is strange. or there is just a lot of random people who look at it?

    • Jimmie Lanley

      I suspect that you have used a Blogspot blog? In that case, views of images on your blog count towards that total.

  • Great tips ! thanks and i need of more ideas, valid for 2014 year : )

  • Hi Jimmie,

    Thank you for writing this great article!

    I started using G+ and I’m loving it. To be honest with you, I prefer having interactions on G+ than Facebook. It seems, my opinion, that people respond faster about my topics on G+ than Facebook.

    Again thank you so much for taking the time to write the article!
    I’m following you on G+ by the way.

    • Jimmie Lanley

      Hi, Marcelo. I agree with you. The G+ interface is so much nicer than FB’s and the people on G+ also seem to desire a deeper level of dialogue. Thanks for circling me!

  • I sort of – kinda – envy you, Jimmie. No. I really envy you. 21 months for 10k?! Is this also applicable in Google+ pages? I really want it to happen in the pages I’m handling. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I will definitely try these strategies on my G+ account 🙂

    • Jimmie Lanley

      No, Aubrey, it’s much slower with pages. For one page I manage, it took about a year to cross 1,000 followers. So pages are much harder to grow. Don’t be discouraged. This is one reason I encourage people to use G+ as a profile if at all possible. But in some cases a company page is a necessity, so just keep investing each day, and growth will happen. The same rules apply — interact more than you post to get followers.

  • Great advice
    I’m going to share this on Google+ right now
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  • Thanks for your tips on google+, the internet moves so fast and one needs to keep up, i use google+ to share my design work +GuyTaskerDesign

  • Thanks for that article. You’ve cleared up some of the confusion I have about Google Plus. But I’m still confused about how to integrate my home page and my business page. I joined Google Plus to promote by web content writing business but aren’t sure whether I should post links to my articles on my home page, my business page, or both. Which is best?

    • Jimmie Lanley

      When you say home page, I think you mean G+ personal profile, right? So this is the personal profile versus business page question. In general, the personal profile has more power (and a few more features) than the page. Plus people prefer to interact with people. So from a user experience perspective, the personal profile wins as well. I say if you can use G+ as a personal profile and it make sense for your business, go for it. If it doesn’t make sense, then have a page in addition. You will have to use both. But use your profile to boost your page’s shares by resharing them and and by plus mentioning (AKA tagging) your business page where applicable.

  • Hi, i have just create a new google plus page and looking for some tips that how get more follower for my page, but after reading your story! I thing i will also reach my goal. 🙂 thanks for the tips.

  • very inspiring, I just joined to gplus, so its still few follower, will try your tips to make it grow. thanks for the great article.

  • Hi Jimmie,
    What to do when your target audience hates or doesn’t understand the existence of Google+? I was in the comments recently of a blog post that was taking an informal survey of the different social media platforms. The majority were down on Google+! I was the only one advocating for it, and I linked to a few of your articles.
    When I circled your suggested homeschool mom circle of active Google+ users, I got instant interaction. It’s been wonderful! However, I have a smaller niche within homeschool moms that I am trying to get to know, but they are all on Facebook and don’t like Google+.
    Thanks for all your tips, Jimmie. It’s pretty amazing to see what you have accomplished in the social media and blogging world. I was a reader of “One Child Policy Homeschool” long ago. :o)

    • Hi, Divina. Thanks for visiting and for your great question. It can be very hard –impossible — to transition your audience to a new platform. You can try, but it will be an uphill battle. So if you really want to reach those particular moms, you are going to need to stay where you are and where they are (assuming you can’t entice them to move). Another parallel option is to work on creating a new audience among the people who are on G+ now. I promise that more will come, and you will already be established. It is to your advantage to be an early adopter in this niche.
      I’m happy to hear that the homeschool movers and shakers was an interesting circle for you and brought engagement. That’s success and the mark of a good shared circle.

  • Jimmie,

    Excellent article. I must admit that I have reread this article 5 times already. For me, I feel that you have to set some time each day (or week if not every day) and get involved in the discussion. For me, like it or not, google plus is a space you have to play in and I find myself spending more and more time on it. The key is not to case too wide a net and use hashtags to keep you focused on the topics that interest you most.

    It is just too easy to find yourself a few hours in with nothing accomplished.

  • thanks for this information….i will follow them to increase my followers,,thanks

  • This gives me a great starting point! thanks 🙂

  • All I could say after reading this was “Wow!’…the 2 senses…negative and positive.

    Positively, Its obvious that your vast number of circlers helped in keeping the relevancy of your posts on top when sourced via google search engine despite their hibernation. And it also made your posts authoritative…Yeah Yeah…Google has got to respect that vast number of circlers, ain’t easy to get em…cos I have over 380+ posts on my blog and on my G+ account which I started this January, and yet all I could gather was still below 20 circlers.

    Then, Negatively, I strongly believe (1000%) that other social media are far more interactive and better than G+, Cos I get more response from my facebook and twitter platforms…while my G+ still lies low…and that is utterly frustrating because I would love to enjoy (even if its 1/4) of the privilege you have in google search engines due to your large number of followers.
    So pls advise me…
    1. How do I get a lot of G+ account owners to +1 my posts?
    2. How do I work smarter to get bigger amount of circlers?


    • How much energy are you investing in G+, Alagbu? You really need to spend time reading, commenting, and resharing to establish relationships. That’s my #1 tip for you.

    • First what type of content are you posting?

      If your content is boring and not engaging enough no one will +1 or even read it.

      What I’ve found worked best for me is adding images plus some written content. And if you’re sharing a post from your website, for instance, you have a “how-to” article. Don’t just post it up there without writing anything about your post. I usually rewrite my website post up to about 250 words to give my followers an idea what my article is about.

      Give them a purpose to +1 you and you will be rewarded.

      Good luck my friend,


    • Alagbu, one of the best things you can do to start getting followers on Google+ is to join and interact with communities. Public posts (the basic type of post) sounds like a good idea, but if you don’t have any followers, no one is seeing those public posts. That is why you only have 20 followers after posting so much content.

      Search through the Google+ communities and find a few that have decent numbers (dont’ start with communities that have only 100 members) and directly match the topic you create content about (i.e., people who are likely to find the content you create worthwhile). As a nature photographer, I search for communities that focus on nature photography. Once you join a few communities, in addition to making public posts, also post your content directly to each community (copy and paste is a great thing). Unlike public posts, posting to a community provides you with a guaranteed audience that shares your interest. The hope is that once they see the quality of the content you provide, they will start to follow you at which point more people will see your public posts.

      I tend to think of it like this, when you make a public post, you are shouting out to anyone who wants to listen. However, is you don’t have any followers, you are effectively shouting out to an empty room. Posting to a community is like attending a conference of like minded individuals and the are giving you the opportunity to shout out your message to everyone attending the conference.

      Posting to communities is one of the best ways to start to gain a following when you first join Google+. I hope this helps and good luck creating a following.


  • Mohamed Abdelwahab

    This is something new for me thanks Jimmie for sharing

  • I just started blogging on and just created my Google+ profile ( ). Well written article and it comes down to the point that you need to interact and use the platform when you want to get followers … very true in my opinion.

    I would have two questions for you –

    1. I see that you have now 40.000 followers – but your posts in December get around 15 to 30 +1s and sometimes up to 5 comments. Does not look a lot for 40.000 followers. Worse than Facebook …

    I know you wrote that most people are not active … this would mean I need to get at least 2000 followers to get an average of one +1 on a shared post … mhhhh … Assuming your followers are all real … this would be not worth any effort.

    2. I created a page for my blog and a personal profile … how do you do this. I see that you do everything on your personal profile and not a page … WHY? Do you also use a page and how?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Souri,
      1. Great point. I don’t pretend to have interactions with 40K people. No way! Most of those followers are silent circlers. And that’s okay with me. It still benefits me. I don’t know that my ratio of followers to interaction is representative of the norm. Maybe, maybe not.
      Don’t forget that the influence of G+ extends beyond G+ into Google search itself. Personalized search means that my content (connected to my G+ profile via authorship and shared on G+) is given priority in the search results of people who have circled me. This fact is something very powerful yet often overlooked when evaluating G+.
      2. The page vs. profile issue is a bit complex. If you can be the face of your business, then do it as a profile. But if you really need a biz page, do that. It’s harder to grow a biz page, but it can be done especially if you reshare your biz page posts with your profile.

      • 1. Thanks a lot for your answer. I tried it out and I must say the google circle followers are much faster to get as on Facebook. There is a big photography community which is ideal for me as my blog is mainly my own pictures :-). The interaction will depend on the time you put in it … but I agree with you there are lots of people who just a the silent “circlers”.

        Not sure if it has that much an effect on google search or not. Google will never tell us! But hey … it will do no harm.

        2. The “page” is something I will keep for now but focus on my private profile. I don’t want to double up – so I will do it as you suggested. Thanks.

  • Hi Jimmie

    Thanks for the great tips.

    What widget are you using to generate the Google Plus “Follow” box on the right hand side of your site? It looks much better than other options out there.


  • Hi Jimmie,

    What about the 5000 limit? You may have answered this somewhere above but, IMHO, it’s the first question that came to mind and the reason I found this page via Google…so the fact that this issue wasn’t mentioned several times and in bold text may have made me miss your answer.

    I ask this because I hit the 5000 mark 8 months ago and G+ has been miserable to use ever since then because unfollowing non-followers is difficult to do without a special extension.

    • Right, you can follow only 5,000 people. But there is no limit to how many people can follow you. I do suggest that you purchase Circloscope for $10. It’s the tool you mentioned that will help you find people who do not follow back. Well worth the money.

      • I believe Google+ needs to at least be more like Twitter in allowing us to go above 5000 as long as 80% of the people we follow, follow back.

        For corporations, there’s little point in continuing to follow someone who doesn’t follow back. If we want to flatter a blogger, we will visit their profile and +1 a few posts twice a year. One can create custom timeline groups so you can read what non-followers write without circling them. In order to stay within the 5000 limit and follow those who appreciate what I or my company writes, we have no choice but to unfollow non-followers.

        Very few people, mostly popular bloggers, can build a large following without reciprocity. Someone like you would be a special case that, mathematically, there cannot be many of…and, even still, corporations and people like me who have to follow non-followers in order to keep within the limit when following others, can’t follow you (but we can connect on LinkedIn).

        For a corporation with a brand name product, it’s not a good idea to not follow people back. But at least, with Google+, there aren’t widespread apps that notify people of unfollows the way there are for Twitter. I certainly wouldn’t unfollow legit people on Twitter from the corporate account because those people would get emails telling them that they were just unfollowed and people really do, and justifiably so, take it personally when the people they pay money to don’t seem to think they’re interesting.

        Even United Airlines recognizes that it pays, sales-wise, to follow all legit followers. They know that the follow-back causes good will that increases sales. If they were to mass unfollow, plenty of people would choose to buy tickets from a competitor because of that.

        But it’s more than the personal affront that Twitter unfollow emails generate…on Twitter people have no choice but to unfollow non-followers if they themselves want to grow past the limit of 2000.

        My company has 1 million customers…I have to try to follow more than just 5000 people on G+. At least with Twitter I can do that if I constantly unfollow non-followers.

        With Twitter, you only have to unfollow most of the people who don’t follow back, in order to follow more people to get past the 2000 follow limit. With the corporate and personal Twitter account, I am at 5700 and 6200 followers, respectively, because I constantly unfollowed non-followers to get there. I follow back every serious Twitterer who might, justifiably, decide to unfollow if I don’t reciprocate…or worse…not buy my company’s product because of the lack of interest in them that was paid by me or the company.

        Few of us actually read our timelines on G+ and Twitter like we read our Facebook timelines. I try to but I mainly do searches on certain topics on G+. Also, it’s more like LinkedIn at G+ where we connect to vote each other up and pay things forward and fulfill the sales function of good will ambassadorship. Regardless of whether someone follows me or not, if they are a customer or potential customer, I will +1 some of their more interesting posts when I visit their profile from my Gmail Contacts interface.

        Anyway, again, I believe Google+ needs to at least be more like Twitter in allowing us to go above 5000 as long as 80% of the people we follow, follow back.

  • Hi, very nice blog! Would you know how I can find out how many G+’s I have
    received? I would be sooo grateful!
    Thank you !

    • On your G+ page (not profile), there is a +number in the header area that indicates all the +1s you’ve received on G+ and on your site for things on your domain (assuming it’s connected to your page).

      You can use tools such as and to find out +1s for a particular URL. It will not compile all +1s for an entire domain, though.

  • I’m new to Google+. I found your article interesting and helpful. Particularly on hashtags. I also like the fact that you don’t have to follow someone who puts you in a circle. Thanks for the tips!

  • Hi jimmie,
    Nice post. Actually I’m planning to add G+ on my new blog. I think your experience would help me a lot.
    Thank you.

  • Good article. I’m trying to figure out how to get started on Google+, and it’s definitely different from Facebook or Twitter. I think the “Communities” could be useful as well for finding people with similar interests

    • Yes, I highly recommend involvement in communities. They are a great way to find people with common interests and learn the ins and outs of G+ usage.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve been wondering how people gain so many followers that aren’t just followers, but actually interested in what you have to say/share.

  • Thank you for such a clear description of G+. I have been trying to implement many of these tips, but circles still confuse me…right now I’m just “following” everyone. I am a home décor blogger, so I really would like to make a new circle and move people to that, but I wonder if that changes anything…hmmm…

  • Thanks for the great advice! We are just starting up so getting more traffic from G+ is our next step.

  • […] passion for Google Plus has taken me down a rabbit trail of Google Plus Hangouts on Air (G+HoA). After I did some research […]

  • I recently started using G+ and so far feel as if I’m all thumbs. Thank you for the great advice! It is well received. Have a great day! 🙂

  • That’s a good honest description of you getting 10k+ followers on Google+ . Ican see that you currently have passed even 27k+ followers now. May be that is because you rank 1 for people who are trying to search for ways to get followers.

  • Thanks for the tips! I’m having the HARDEST time getting acquainted with G+… and have kind of been ignoring it up until now. I like how you mentioned that you don’t have to follow people back who don’t interest you, that’s something that sets G+ apart, I think!

  • Hi Jimmie, you already got 26k followers on G+, I read your article because I know it will help me to increase my followers too for my travel page in Google plus because it worked with you. You should replace your title, from 10k to 20k 🙂 Congrats!

    • The growth in followers is astounding to me. Yes, I am closer to 30K now. The main key is simply interaction. The more you comment and share, the more people see you. There are no tricks, just honest interaction.

  • Great post–thank you. I’ve had a hard time getting into the “flow” with G+ but I’m trying… thanks for these tips!
    P.S.–I run a parenting “open blog” and would love for you to submit a funny story sometime! (Great Moments in Parenting)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Virginia, and for the kind invite to post on your parenting blog. I have an only child; maybe that would be a good slant.

  • What am I missing? One of the touted features of G+ is “rich content”, so why is it difficult, if not impossible, to post _organized_ photo content on a G+ brand page. The fact that you apparently can’t use Picasa to upload content that has been organized in a presentable and logical way seems to be a crippling factor of Googles’ implementation of their business “Pages”. Perhaps I’ve just skipped over something?


    • Shruti, that question is a bit outside the scope of this post, and to be honest, I don’t use the photo features of G+ a lot. So I really don’t know the answer to your question. I will say that G+ is constantly improving, so I suggest you offer feedback directly to G+. (Do that by typing @ when you are visiting any G+ page.)

  • Hey Jimmie, I was so excited to see you featured in Amy’s newsletter today. You go girl! Terrific advice!

  • […] time because it just felt like one more social media network to keep up with. But thanks to the encouragement of Jimmie Lanley and my amazing assistant, Lisa, I finally made the plunge. And I’m really happy I did, […]

  • Love your advice – picked up a few new tips 🙂 And I totally agree – building a good set of people that you follow on Google+ is what can make it so much fun!

  • […] How I Got 10,000 Google Plus Followers Jimmie is a personal friend, but I chose this post because Jimmie’s achieved something great and she lays out all the steps you need to also become a Google Plus rock star. […]

  • I’m still trying to get the hang of it but the more I use G+, the more comfortable I feel so I will keep at it. Great tips! I think I just passed 100, so I have a ways to go before I add those extra zeros!!!

  • Thanks Jimmie. Your tips are very helpful and easy to understand, without being overwhelming. I am just getting started so I could see myself slowly implementing each tip as you split them into sections.



  • Okay I just +1’ed this post 🙂 Seriously need to hang out there more.

  • This is amazing!! Great job. I know you love G+ and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Pinning this!

  • Great tips! And to make sure that people can see your hashtags and content, make sure to choose “public” in your share options.

  • I think the main thing I need to work at is consistency. I don’t know why I haven’t added it to my bookmarks bar yet, you’d think I’d have already done that………

    I need to go in and add a bunch of people who actually share stuff I”m interested in. Right now, it’s a bunch of people who share lots of crafts, not as much homeschool stuff.

  • I adore practical! Thanks for sharing easy steps that are natural extensions of your social media time.

  • I’ve been on G+ for ages it seems and I’m just starting to get the hang of it and really learning to like it! Thanks for the tips – very helpful. 🙂

  • I haven’t been using G+ long but I can already tell that it is a great way to network. I’ve found the communities especially helpful in growing my blog.

    • I agree with you, Renee. Participating in active communities is a great tip. I am in a couple of G+ communities that are all about G+! Those are my favorite.

  • Great advice here… I’m going to share this on Google+ right now 🙂

  • Helpful post! Right now I’m still well away from the 1,000 mark so I’m waaaay away from adding a whole other zero to the end!

    • Keep plugging away. It took me a long time, but there was a point when my follower count rocketed exponentially!

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