How I've Helped Others Like You
Consultation Feature

I purchased one of Jimmie’s consulting packages and was especially impressed with how she efficiently reviewed and recorded via a screencast all the sections of my website before I even talked to her on the phone. Because of that recording, I was able to replay the session several times over on my own and make changes over the ensuing weeks.

On the phone consult, Jimmie gave me the biggest value yet when she pointed out that how I was presenting my course material was not suited to my market of busy homeschool moms. I had an opposite recommendation from another expert who catered to a male customer audience and did not understand the mindset of this market. Jimmie’s advice was right on! I immediately made changes based on Jimmie’s recommendations, and as I result, I finally started making sales of e-courses with personal private coaching support.

Jonathan Harris

Owner and Author, 10ktotalent.com

Consultation Testimonial

My consultation with Jimmie was like seeing a digital chiropractor. It hurt a little to hear some of what she said, but I knew it would make me feel better later. Before we met, I didn’t know where to start or what to do with my online business. After our consultation, I know what needs to happen.

Steve Maxwell

Author, SteveMaxwell.com

Long Term Consultation Testimonial

I am excited every month when I pay Jimmie’s invoice because I know that I have someone on call to answer my questions and to help me in a jam.

Lynn Schott

Owner, Founders Academy

Consultation Testimonial

Jimmie had expertise and experience to offer me, but it was her personalization that really stood out. Prior to our first session, she had familiarized herself with my site and books and was ready with suggestions to immediately implement. Her customized consultation took into account my vision, unique needs,  skills, and target market.

Jimmie is as warm and caring as she appears to be online. The time I spent with her gave me a vision for something bigger than I had been dreaming and let me see a way to make it a reality.

Sharla Kostelyk

Writer, The Chaos and the Clutter

Consultation Testimonial

My expertise is in my kitchen and with my kids, not with social media.  I needed help; I was wasting a lot of time trying to figure things out on my own.  Jimmie worked with me to learn how to more effectively use social media, especially Pinterest. She gave great advice as to where I should focus my efforts based upon my customer base.  I saw results immediately.

Chaya Foedus

President, Pantry Paratus

Product Evaluation and Social Media Events

Jimmie’s product review feedback and assistance have been invaluable, in my opinion.

The Twitter and Facebook parties she organized are really fun, and I’ve doubled— close to tripled—my connections with homeschooling moms.

Lily Iatridis

Owner, Fortuigence

Marketing with Social Media

We get no nonsense advice from Jimmie about how to position and market our products.  She is always coming up with new ideas for how to get the word out about Heritage History’s classical curriculum.

David and Teresa Roth

Owners, Heritage History

Webinar Testimonial

I attended a marketing seminar presented by Jimmie and walked away with invaluable information and tools I put to use immediately.

Debra Reed

Owner and Publisher, NotebookingPages.com

Consultation Testimonial

After looking at our website, Jimmie suggested a consultation because she had some ideas to improve our SEO.  Of course, we had thought we were doing just fine, but we were completely blown away by the consultation.  Jimmie gave us so many tips and ideas and suggestions! After we implemented a few of them, we experienced significant and almost immediate SEO benefits. We’ve seen a huge increase in sales as well.

Kim Lopez

Co-owner, A Plan in Place