Sales Page Critique: Intentional Marriage

As a perk to the bloggers in my network, I offered a very short sales page critique of their digital products. This is just one of many critiques. Watching them should help you identify principles you can apply to your own sales pages.

Crystal’s product is Intentional Marriage . The main points of my screencast critique are outlined below the video.

Suggestions for improving this sales page to increase conversions

1. Add your book’s tagline to the title of the page (good for SEO).

2. Increase size of book image.

3. Change page layout to no sidebar, full width page.

4. Jump right into the sales copy and delete the introduction.

5. Focus on benefits to the wife who buys your book.

6. Use an image for your sample download.

7. Include your cover and front matter in your sample.

8. Use a larger buy button and add one much farther up on the page.

9. Optimize images for Pinterest descriptions.

10. Use a short video introduction of the ebook.

11. Show the formats of the book visually.

Sales page critiques are just one thing I do in a site and social media assessment package.

Unlink images from the image files.

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