Sales Page Critique: 100+ Notebooking Pages

As a perk to the bloggers in my network, I offered a very short sales page critique of their digital products. This is just one of many critiques. Watching them should help you identify principles you can apply to your own sales pages.

Adelien’s product is 100+ Notebooking Page Templates. The main points of my screencast critique are outlined below the video.

Suggestions for improving this sales page to increase conversions

1. Delete the flashing arrows. Static arrows are nicer.

2. Be sure to address specifically how this product makes a homeschool mom’s life easier.

3. Consider creating a short 1-3 minute video introduction to the product.

4. Make sure to say this is a digital product, available as a PDF (or other format) immediately after purchase.

5. Integrate a few large photos of these pages in action on your sales page.

6. Get some testimonials.

7. Remove the related posts at the bottom of the page.

8. Use an image to demonstrate the features such as the line styles of the pages.

Sales page critiques are just one thing I do in a site and social media assessment package.

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