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You know that Google Plus is important. It’s the social layer of Google, after all, and as a blogger, you want to be on Google’s radar so you get organic search traffic. You may also be frustrated by the limitations of other social networks where your posts are hidden from most of your followers or where you have to invest an inordinate amount of time or money for paid ads to keep driving traffic.

Have you ever ventured over to Google Plus with a resolution to get serious about it as a blogger, but gave up because of these reasons?

  • I just don’t understand G+!
  • Google Plus is too confusing.
  • It’s boring on G+. It’s a ghost town, and all I hear are crickets.
  • None of my friends or readers are there.

You are not alone. To the un-initiated, Google Plus is a mysterious and quiet land where you feel out of your element. That’s precisely why you need Plus Moxie. This FREE six-lesson course will be your road map through the G+ maze, serving as both GPS and translator to help you speak the language of the land. When you are finished with the course, you will be able to navigate G+ with confidence. No crickets. No ghost town. Better yet, by completing the weekly exercises, you will start seeing results in terms of follower count, engagement, and placement in personalized search results.

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Plus Moxie FREE Course Content

  • a six-lesson course delivered online via text, video
  • printable handouts including cheatsheets, checklists, and guides
  • assignments to apply what you have learned
  • online tests to measure your understanding


Plus Moxie, a G+ course for bloggers

Plus Moxie Course Outline

During this FREE six week course, the written and video tutorials will guide you through mastery of these G+ skills:

  1. Optimize your profile and hovercard
  2. Customize your settings so G+ works for you
  3. Install and use the best G+ tools
  4. Learn how to send private messages on G+
  5. Develop a posting routine
  6. Learn how to post on G+ for optimum engagement and SEO benefit
  7. Learn how to interact with people on G+ to build your follower count
  8. Find relevant people to follow
  9. Manage your circles, home stream, and communities
  10. Organize your circles
  11. Add and share circles
  12. Learn how to interact on a G+ Hangout on Air event page
  13. Outline a Hangout on Air strategy for your own blog
  14. Cross promote G+ to other networks for maximum return on investment

Google Plus made some updates in 2016 that changed the appearance of the network. The principles in this course are valid even though the what is shown in the screenshots and video screencasts may be slightly different from how G+ now looks.

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If you are already a subscriber, you do need to fill out the form again, but you will not be subscribed twice.

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I’ve helped lots of bloggers and businesses find their bearings on Google Plus.

Julie Varner and Plus Moxie member
julie varner

Thanks for this fantastic course! I’ve read several library books on Google+, none of which explained half of what I’ve learned in the first two lessons alone. This course has made a world of difference for me as the social media marketer for my husband’s startup.

Carisa Hinson &
Carisa Hinson

I was greatly confused by Google + even though I had 7 years of experience as a blogger.  Nothing quite boggled my mind like G+, but Jimmie helped unravel this for me.  After our session together, I was able to make a few changes and streamline my G+ plan. I knew it was something I needed to learn and do, and she helped me figure out the basics and get rolling!

Jenni Legate and Plus Moxie member
jenni Legate

I’m amazed at how much more you’ve shared than the average blogging course out on the Internet. I had not given my Google Plus account much thought before this course, but now I’m seeing a huge potential for connections. Thank you, Jimmie!

Casey Elizabeth
Casey Elizabeth

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down with Jimmie one-on-one at a blogging conference, and her Google+ knowledge absolutely blew my mind! Not only did she change the way that I’ll look at the network forever, she also helped me grow my reader base tremendously. For that I will be forever thankful.

Sarah Mock

Before Jimmie helped me unpack the possibilities of Google+, I was confused and doing everything wrong with my Google+ account. It was through Jimmie’s easy to understand instruction I was able create meaningful, relevant postings that translated into greater traffic and engagement for my blog.

Plus Moxie FAQ

Q. I am a total G+ newbie. How much do I need to already know before taking this course?

A. This course is designed to take both newbies and beginners to an advanced level of Google Plus usage. The only pre-requisite is that you have a Google Plus personal profile (not a page). You can get one here.

Q. Will Plus Moxie course work for me? I’m not really a blogger. I’m a small business owner, freelancer, author, or solopreneur.

A. Yes! The principles are the same, and any content creator or service provider( or your social media manager) can use Plus Moxie to learn how to use Google Plus to grow a business whether that involves a blog or not. I suggest you reserve the Plus Moxie Premium plan so that you get the benefit of a personalized consultation.



  • You’ve had such wonderful tips about G+, Jimmie. I know this course will be packed full of ideas that can help bloggers use G+ to their advantage!

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