How To Use Pinterest to Complement Your Media Kit

How to Use Pinterest Boards with Your Media Kit

Pinterest can be a wonderful way to supplement your media kit and tell brands that you are worth working with. Create boards as an online resume in pictorial format. Here are ideas for boards you can share with brands who want to work with you.

My Reviews and Sponsored Posts

Sure, you can send companies a list of links, but wouldn’t it be prettier to see a board full of visual content? Not only can the company click through to read the posts, but they can also see at a glance that you have the goods when it comes to making pin-worthy graphics.

My Hangouts on Air and Videos

If you participate in regular Hangouts on Air, showcase them by pinning the videos to a board. If you serve as a panelist on someone else’s hangout, that can go on the same board. If you haven’t jumped on the hangout bandwagon yet but you have YouTube videos, make a board of your best video content so brands can see your skills, hear your voice, and see you in action.

My Posts on Other Sites

Pin all of your guest posts to demonstrate the scope of your influence across the Internet. If you are a regular contributor to certain sites, include representative posts from that gig as well.

My Most Viral Pins

Look at your Pinterest analytics to find your most popular pins in terms of repins and clicks. Showcase them in a single board. In the description field, feel free to brag a little. But be sure to date your notes as stats will change over time.

My Products

If you sell anything, whether physical or digital, make a small sampler of your goods on a board. If you market yourself as a writer, having published ebooks speaks to your expertise. You could even indicate how many copies of each product you have sold if you have some impressive numbers. Don’t forget to include digital products you contributed to but aren’t the sole owner of.

My Milestones

Instead of a boring list of awards and milestones, make a visual collage on Pinterest. Screenshot testimonials shared via social media and upload them to this board. Capture milestones such as 1000 followers on Twitter, 500 subscribers on YouTube, etc. Add images of any awards you have received.

Going the Extra Mile

Be sure to write descriptions for each Pinterest board you create. Include your full name, your blog’s name, and an overview of what the board is about. Pinterest boards do well in search. If a company is researching you, one of your media kit boards just might show up in their search. Very impressive!

After you’ve chosen your media kit boards, create a set of matching cover images for them. Upload the image directly to Pinterest, link back to your about page or unlink the image, and set the images as your cover for the board.

Arrange all of these boards together in neat rows by clicking and dragging the board where you want it. I suggest naming them something similar at the beginning of the title so it is easy to find these boards when pinning. For example, I would call them

  • Jimmie’s Products
  • Jimmie’s Milestones
  • Jimmie’s Reviews and Sponsored Posts

When you arrange them in rows with matching cover images, it will look very professional and be sure to impress that brand you want to work with even if you consider yourself a smaller blogger.

Be sure that your boards have a minimum of four pins each (not counting your specially created cover image) before you share them on your media kit. Empty slots on the board cover look sad, and you want these to impress. You can even keep them private as you work on them and get them up to speed. If you don’t have enough content for four pins, then wait until you do or get creative with how you organize your material.

Since these boards are made for brands and not for your general Pinterest follower, you might want to move them down to the bottom of your profile. Link to the boards in your media kit as concrete evidence of your voice, your reach, and your skill.

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